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Rose Wilde-Irish

Hangups, fic for Zelenka ficathon (neverbelonged)

Title: Hang Ups
Author: Rose Wilde-Irish
For: Zelenka ficathon, neverbelonged, who requested bondage, clothes!sex, and first time.
Rating: Adult for content
Summary: Rodney has a few hang ups.
Notes: I screwed up on the assigments and ended up getting this one as a second story by accident. Sorry for that, but I hope you like the results.

This is a thousand kinds of wrong, Rodney thought as he bolted for Radek, jerking and dangling brokenly, tangled in the cables from the half-assembled machine. Barking orders to the others in the room, he frantically punched in commands and willed the machine to stop. Gently.

As the machine slowed to a halt, Rodney could only stare up at the small patch of exposed stomach as Radek's shirt rode up, telling himself sternly that he needed that blood elsewhere, thank you very much, and this wasn't hot, this was his friend in jeopardy and pain. From the angle Radek's arm had been hanging, it didn't take a genius to figure that the least he'd done was dislocate his shoulder. Triggering his radio, he called for Beckett, noting how some of the more skittish members of the team flinched away from the tone in his voice. Holding Radek carefully, lifting his weight off the injured shoulder, Rodney watched as others loosened the cables, until Radek sank against him and Rodney once again fought off a surge of desire for the man in his arms, who was staring at him with eyes glassy from pain.

Ten thousand kinds of wrong, Rodney thought, waiting for the medical team to arrive, not letting Radek go until they did.

He hovered beside them as they worked, quickly assessing their patient's condition and praising Rodney for keeping him immobile. He closed his eyes against the imagined pain as the words probable anterior dislocation were bandied about. Rodney kept pace with them as they dog-trotted Radek's gurney back to the infirmary. Stayed behind as the team went to work, but lurked just outside, pacing back and forth as they scanned and anesthetized and reduced the dislocation, slowly and gently putting everything back into place. He terrorized Carson when the doctor informed Rodney that no, Radek wasn't able to be released for a while, yet, that they had to monitor him for a bit longer, and then dropped into a chair beside Radek, staring at the now-immobilized right shoulder, covered in a loose fitting hospital garment, with worry.

"'M all right, Rodney," Radek said, voice a little slurred.

Rodney gave him a tight smile. "That would be the drugs talking."

Radek grinned, a full one. "Prob'ly. Feels nice. Pain is still there, but I don't give a-"

Rodney's smile loosened a little. "Language, Radek," he said, and Radek rolled his eyes, flitting his free hand in a clearly dismissive wave.

There was a lull, while Rodney stared at Radek lying so still and quiet, and Radek stared at the cosmos, or a reasonable approximation, roughly in the center of the room. Rodney used it to study Radek's face, somehow more vulnerable unfocused, his glasses resting on the table beside the infirmary bed. Radek's breathing was a calm, slow thing, and his eyes blinked slowly closed, making Rodney wonder each time if he was going to reopen them or fall asleep.

He was betting on the latter when Carson appeared in the doorway.

"Rodney? You still here?"

Rodney bit back the urge to curse as Radek's eyes popped open. "Yes, still here, Carson. As is my best engineer." He ignored the delighted smile that plastered itself across Radek's face at the praise.

"Well, let me look him over. If you're willing to stay with him and monitor his condition, I don't see why he can't sleep in his own bed tonight." Radek looked so pathetically happy at that suggestion that Rodney found himself nodding, despite his better judgment. He stood and moved away, letting Carson do his doctorly things, wincing when Carson checked on the injury and Radek drew a ragged breath in.

"I'm giving him Oxycodone for his pain. He can have another at four a.m., and he really should take the rest, for the next twenty-four hours. Don't give him a dose before the time for one, and bring any back that he doesn't finish, please. We're running a bit short on some of the heavier pharmaceuticals."

Rodney nodded, and then replayed the conversation in his head. "Wait - you need me to babysit him tomorrow too?"

Carson nodded. "It doesn't have to be you, but he should have someone with him. If no one can be spared, just bring him back here and we'll keep an eye on him."

Rodney would have agreed to do just that, but Radek's crestfallen expression stopped him cold. "Well...we'll see how many crises happen tomorrow. Anything I should know?"

"Ice the shoulder for about twenty minutes, at least four times tomorrow. And since he's right-handed, don't let him do too much. Though I imagine it'll only take the once to convince him not to."

Rodney frowned. "That much pain?"

Carson raised his eyebrows. "It's not exactly a picnic, having your arm ripped out of its socket and then pushed back into place."

Rodney shivered. "Thanks, Carson," he said as Radek was helped up, sitting for a moment on the edge of the bed before standing with a decided lean. He accepted a sheaf of print outs with recovery information from Carson, shoving them in a pocket before moving to Radek's good side. He wrapped an arm around the Czech, ignoring the warm feel of Radek's side presed against him. "Will call you if there's another emergency."

Carson nodded, and Rodney guided Radek out of the room. The drugs seemed to make Radek a little looser in his movements. His hip kept bumping into Rodney's as they made their way down the hall. Rodney ignored it as they arrived in front of Radek's door, opening it and getting the shorter man inside.

Once there, he maneuvered Radek onto the bed and sighed. "Go ahead. Sleep. I'll set the alarm for happy pill time."

Radek started to flop backwards and Rodney quickly caught him. "I know the drugs are kind of putting you in the special kind of stupid category, but I don't see how that can be anything like a good idea." He lowered Radek gently onto the bed, then pulled out the instructions and looked them over before a sound made him glance at Radek.

The other man was trying to toe off his boots. Shaking his head, Rodney set the papers down and reached for a foot. "You're not going to get them off that way," he chided, untying the boot and pulling it off.

Radek wriggled his toes. "Socks, too, please," he said, as Rodney repeated the procedure with the other boot, then sighed and pulled off the socks.

"Have you ever wondered about the lights, McKay?" Radek asked, and Rodney glanced back to see him staring upwards. "They cannot be regular light bulbs. None would last a thousand years, let alone ten thousand." He struggled to sit up. "We need to figure out-"

"No, I think you need to rest here, and not allow your chemically-addled brain, big though it may be, to go and do something stupid like try some research with a dislocated shoulder and a lot of drugs in your system," Rodney said as he restrained Radek and settled him back onto the bed.

Radek made a noise of protest but stayed where he was. "They're pretty, too," he said after a beat.

"You're lucky you're my best engineer," Rodney said, and searched for a small pillow.

"Best engineer should not have gotten stuck like twig in cogs of Ancient machine," Radek snorted, watching him like he was tracking movement.

"True," Rodney smiled. "That's why we have underlings." He tested the pillow he'd found, trying to flatten it somewhat.

"I will attempt to remember that in future," Radek said, voice a little slurred and accent thicker.

"Do that. Because I can't help but think you would've been more careful with someone else in that position." Rodney gently lifted Radek up and slid the pillow underneath him.

"So how long have you had-" Radek moved as if to make a gesture with his hands and winced a bit as he tried to move the immobilized arm-"this thing for me?"

Rodney froze, one hand still trying to shift the pillow into place beneath Radek's shoulder, the other resting lightly on Radek's chest. "What do you mean?" he asked, as neutrally as possible, ignoring the panic the nonsequitor stirred in him.

"Oh, you know," Radek said, eyes sliding off Rodney and circling his quarters. "The thing that I noticed when you got me down. Pressed into my ass." His eyes came back to rest on Rodney with a blurry look. "Unless you have kink for people tied up."

Rodney flushed, violently from the feel of it. "I have no idea what you're talking about," he tried, knowing it would fail. For a moment, the drug haze parted and Radek glared at him. Rodney held his gaze, keeping his face as blank as possible. Radek rolled his eyes and reached out with his good hand, spreading his fingers and covering Rodney's groin.

"That help?" he asked, and began stroking lightly. Rodney closed his eyes and held still, rational mind telling him he should be moving away, shouldn't let his drugged to the gills friend do this, while another part simply enjoyed the feel of Radek's hand, fingers tracing his slowly hardening dick. "I like the thought that it's me..." Radek said, voice slurring as Rodney mostly swallowed a moan, "...does this to you..." His movements slowed and then stopped.

Rodney sat in torment, holding himself still when everything in him wanted to react, to thrust into Radek's hand and more. Still Radek made no move, said nothing about Rodney's state. Eventually Rodney opened his eyes, gazed down at the still form of a sleeping Radek Zelenka. He snorted softly in almost-amusement, stifling the disappointment and telling himself it was for the best, carefully removing Radek's hand. After a moment spent trying to collect his scattered emotions, he stood and walked to Radek's bathroom. Unzipping, he freed himself and began to stroke, replaying the touch of Radek's hand and seeing him bound in the machine, guilt and pleasure twisting and binding.

It didn't take long for him to find release. Rapidly he cleaned himself off and returned to the bedroom, reassuring himself that Radek hadn't shifted. The other man looked as peaceful as the drugs could make him. Pulling up a chair, he settled in beside him, left with disquieting thoughts in the still of the night.


Rodney jerked up out of the chair as his alarm beeped insistantly. He felt a split second of disorientation, knowing he wasn't in his quarters or any of the labs he'd laid claim to, but not sure where exactly he was.

Then Radek, a blur in the darkness beside him, attempted to sit up and hissed in pain. "Stay still," Rodney said, as his own body, stiff and starting to protest, agreed with his advice.

He placed a hand against the wall and willed the lights up, low. As the room came into focus, Rodney saw something flicker across Radek's face, gone too quickly for him to puzzle it out. Stretching his neck to relax the tense muscles, Rodney moved to the dresser and grabbed the pill bottle. He shook out the pill and got a glass of water, handing them to Radek silently. Radek nodded his thanks and swallowed the pill, grimacing. For a long moment he sat, blinking at nothing. Finally Rodney gently removed the glass from Radek's hand and set it on the table beside him, helping Radek lay back down and willing the lights to dim. He settled into the chair beside the bed with a grunt, unable to resist putting his feet up on the foot of the bed. He shifted, trying to find a more comfortable position, and after a moment, felt Radek's foot tap his own. Shifting away from Radek, he settled into a new position.

Radek tapped his foot again.

Annoyed, Rodney shifted again, muscles protesting.

"We can share."

Rodney blinked in the near-darkness, confused. Radek couldn't mean-


"Bed is large, chair is not. Stay on good side, there is no reason for us both to be in agony."

Rodney held completely still, considering all outcomes. He had already had one disquieting reaction, which Radek was apparently aware of. There was a reasonable chance of another upon waking. And not necessarily just from him. But he was already in pain; lying down sounded heavenly.

And yet he didn't want to cause Radek any more pain from an involuntary movment. But if he stayed on Radek's good side-

Radek's foot tapped his again. "Stop thinking. Get in bed. We sleep now. Only fools are awake."

Rodney was no idiot, and he knew when to concede defeat. Trying not to jostle the bed or Radek too much, he climbed into the bed.

Despite his exhaustion, sleep was a long time in coming. He stayed at the edge of the bed, not moving, always aware of the heat of the sleeping body next to his.

The heat, and the snoring, which was almost loud enough to wake the dead. Between the two, sleep almost stayed a step ahead of him, but eventually, he caught up.


Rodney woke with his chin resting lightly against Radek's shoulder, his hand splayed against Radek's chest. For a moment he stayed perfectly still, drinking it all in. Radek's chest rose and fell under Rodney's hand in a mesmerizing rhythm, trying to lull Rodney back to a sleep where he could curl up closer to Radek.

Instead, Rodney gently shifted, slowly working himself from Radek's side and out of the bed with the goal of not waking the injured man. Standing, he looked over Radek once more, assuring himself that Radek still slept. His eyes lingered on Radek's groin and the tented pool of bedding there. Feeling his heart rate pick up at the sight did not help his own similar state, and with a frown, he turned towards the bathroom.

He really wished he had his toothbrush. He settled for rinsing his mouth thoroughly, running a finger over his teeth and swiping a mouthful of the latest version of mouthwash. This version was an improvement overall, but still left him vaguely homesick for the original version of Listerine. Running a hand through his hair, he stared at his reflection. The man staring back seemed to want to say Radek is going to need a lot more help and you know it. The hair alone... He sighed.

When he exited the bathroom, Radek was shifting a bit, eyes open but distracted. Rodney checked his watch and cursed. He'd forgotten to reset it after the four am drugs. "Meds?" he asked, already heading for the pills and the half-empty glass of water.

"Yes, plea-" Radek started, struggling to sit up, and abruptly shut up, face paling. Rodney set the pills and the water on the beside table and helped Radek up with gentle hands.

"You know you can't just move like you're used to," he chided.

"It's worse when trying to sit up or lie down. Other movements are not so bad," Radek told him. "And it is much better than when the shoulder was actually dislocated."

"Lot of pain, huh," Rodney said, handing over the pills and water and watching while Radek closed his eyes and merely nodded before swallowing.

A silence spread between them. Rodney shifted, uncomfortable and assuming Radek was, as well, until he looked over at Radek and noted the man staring into space. He often did when working on a solution to a problem...except his expression was usually animated then, not blank as it was now.

"Just promise me you're not going to start asking about the lights again," Rodney said. Radek started a little and shifted his gaze to him.

"Please forgive me if I said anything..." He flushed, and squirmed, looking distinctly uncomfortable, and at first Rodney couldn't decide if he looked as if he remembered what had transpired and was embarassed about it, or not. But then Radek bit his lower lip and Rodney decided it wasn't likely he remembered anything.

Rodney took pity on him. "No, no, a little skewed, and yes, very interesting about the lights, I wonder about them myself, but, well, really don't think I can handle a repeat. Of the babbling. Of which you're apparently very fond when stoned on Oxycodone." Rodney shut up, aware of how he himself was babbling, and looked at Radek.

Radek stared back, a little glassy-eyed again, and nodded. "Good to know," he told Rodney, and shifted his gaze to the space in the middle of the room.

"Oh, no you don't," Rodney said. "We need to get you up and moving, get some food in you, and maybe a checkup. Plus they said something about ice..." He started searching, looking for the packet of papers, which had ended up on the floor. Straightening, he turned back to Radek...who was very obviously staring at Rodney, or at least where Rodney had been, a little bleary-eyed but with a touch of heat behind the look. Rodney lowered his gaze to the papers, avoidig Radek's eyes, not wanting to have to confront what he saw there while Radek was still on the pain meds, and suffering from the pain.

This was a conversation that needed clear heads. Struggling to clear his own, Rodney resumed reading. Yes, ice for twenty minutes, four times a day. He tackled the project logically, knowing he would first have to get Radek to some ice.

Which would probably require something of getting Radek presentable. He glanced over at the man, now staring out the window, and sighed. "Time to get going, Radek," he said, and beckoned.

With a little prodding, Radek was able to handle the basics - dressing, brushing his teeth. Rodney averted his eyes, mostly; only checking on Radek when the silence seemed to stretch too long and he realized Radek needed him to break him out of his reverie. When Radek reached for his hairbrush, Rodney batted his good hand away and took the brush. "No way you'd be able to do an adequate job everywhere," he muttered.

"Why is it Ancient bathrooms are so like ours? One would think they'd differ," Radek murmured and Rodney rolled his eyes.

"I don't know, I'm just grateful something around here is easily recognizable. And if it had to be something, I'm glad it was the bathroom," Rodney said, and began to brush Radek's hair. He'd never realized how hard it was to brush hair without touching it. Radek's was softer than Rodney expected, and he got it in order - as much as Radek's ever was, anyway - in a short amount of time.

He breathed a sigh of relief when it was done, setting down the hairbrush firmly. Radek's eyes were still closed, a somewhat blissful expression on his face. Rodney paused, waiting for the minor flood of emotions to subside, and then cleared his throat. "Radek," he said quietly. "Time to go."

Radek blinked his eyes open and turned towards Rodney. Before he could speak, Rodney guided him out of the bathroom and out of his quarters, towards the mess hall. Food and ice for Radek's shoulder were what was up next. Rodney wondered if he could bring Radek into the lab and get some work done without Radek getting into trouble, but knew the answer was most likely negative.

"Do you smell...pine?" Radek asked as they walked, disrupting Rodney's thoughts. His eyes were somewhat unfocused again, in a look that was rapidly becoming familiar - and somewhat annoying - to Rodney.

Rodney sighed. It was going to be a long day.


It had definitely been a long couple of months. Rodney wanted to rant to the universe at large about the vagaries of certain Czech scientists, prone to sending him looks that stymied Rodney as to their meaning. Who stood too close for comfort but not close enough to know for sure that it was something more. And most irritatingly, who insisted on striking the most provactive poses (in the name of physical therapy) known to man.

Rodney sighed again and cursed himself for being predictable, trying to stare out of the corner of his eye at Radek, performing his exercises in an empty corner of the lab. He had a towel held between his two arms behind his back, one arm high, the other grabbing it from low, and he was raising and lowering the towel.

As he did this, his shirt shifted over his torso. From the corner of Rodney's eyes, it was mesmerizing. From time to time his shirt would ruck up, exposing a flash of pale skin. The flash seemed to transmit itself as heat directly to Rodney's groin.

He smothered a groan, knowing what exercise was next. The odd push-ups that Carson had assigned. At least with those, half the time he couldn't see them...but he still knew they were there, knew how Radek's body flowed through the movements.

It didn't help that Radek was attacking the exercises with vigor, several times a day, and frequently, as now, where Rodney couldn't help but see. Rodney was sure it was projecting on his part, but Radek's body seemed...more toned, somehow. He admonished himself for projecting too much. It was too soon for that.

He snuck another glance at a flash of white, trying not to stare.

Just another in a series of impossibly long days. He'd have to check the mission schedule to see if he was due for a break, even for a day.

Much more of this would surely kill him.

"Do you have to do that here?" Rodney asked, putting as much scorn into the question as he could manage.

"Not really," Radek said, dropping the towel. Gaze never leaving Rodney's, he lowered himself to the ground and and began to move in that strangely sinewy way that bore little resemblence to ordinary pushups.

Rodney suppressed a shiver and looked away. It was going to be a long day.


Twenty-seven...twenty-eight...twenty-niiiiine... Rodney kept mental count of Radek's modifed push-ups, swearing Radek had to be slowing them down just to torture him at the end of his set. Thirty. Thank God!

Rodney knew he wasn't going to be able to banish the images any time soon, and thanked a currently benevolent God that the day was almost over. He'd gotten adept at replaying the images he'd stared at from the corner of his eyes, rotating the angle and bringing it up in front of him.

Radek was standing, stretching, testing the injured shoulder. "As good as is going to get," he annouced, turning to Rodney with a pecular light in his eyes. "What time do you want me tonight?"

Rodney turned to him with practiced nonchalance, ignoring the way his heart rate had tripled at Radek's words, because he knew Radek didn't mean them as they sounded. He'd frequently done this around Rodney, mangled the meaning of what he was saying, and if he'd given any hint at all of having remembered that night Rodney spent with a drugged Radek..."Hmm?" he said, just as he always did when he couldn't be bothered to pay attention to his people, but didn't want to miss anything, either.

"Shoulder is as mended as is likely to get. Strengthened, too, so if tying up really is your thing..." Radek wasn't touching him, but he'd moved to stand close to Rodney, and Rodney couldn't manage to keep his breath coming in regular amounts, only stared at Radek, feeling the heat of the body not quite touching his own. Radek drew his own slightly ragged breath. Oh, good, Rodney thought. Wouldn't want to be alone in all of this... Radek leaned in closer, impossibly close, and Rodney could feel Radek's breath ghosting over his ear. "What time?" he murmured.

"Tw..twenty-one hundred?" Rodney managed, feeling that keeping his voice from squeaking was a triumph. Radek straighted, meeting Rodney's eyes in a heated glance, nodding. He patted Rodney on the shoulder, hand resting for a split second in an abortive caress, leaving Rondey shivering as Radek exited.

Oh, shit, Rodney thought. Oh shit oh shit ohshitohshitohshit...


Rodney wasn't sure a portion of him wasn't still gibbering Oh shit to himself, off in a corner of his mind somewhere, despite the amount of time between Radek leaving the lab and where he currently found himself, wrapping his arms around his Czech colleague and kissing him desperately. Radek had a hand under Rodney's shirt, fingertips brushing lightly across Rodney's nipple. Rodney groaned, feeling Radek's other hand reach for his cock, already fully hard and pushing painfully against the restriction of his clothes. He gasped, yielding his mouth to Radek's efforts, and tried to will his head to stop spinning. "Wait," he finally gasped, pulling away from Radek.

Radek's expression was incredulous. "Wait?" he repeated.

"Yes, wait," Rodney snapped. He ran a hand through his hair, trying to focus. It was remarkably difficult. "So you remember that night."

For a moment, silence reigned. "Yes, I do," Radek finally admitted, resting a hand on Rodney's arm, lightly. Rodney managed to keep himself from flinching at the contact.

"Why haven't you...I don't know, said anything about it?"

A flash of Radek's smile, and his hand began a gentle, almost nonexistant stroking of Rodney's arm. "Was more fun this way, while I was healing. Was like a secret."

Rodney swallowed, steeling himself for the next question. He felt Radek's hand still on his arm. "And the...the bit about being tied up..."

Radek inhaled sharply, his thumb moving in obscene ways against the underside of Rodney's arm. "Is something I would enjoy very much with you, I think," he stated quietly, and Rodney stared, amazed.

"I happen to have some rope..." Rodney said, trying not to sound too eager. His head started buzzing at Radek's nod, fuzzing the details a little. He knew he wasn't quite aware of everything until Radek said his name again, sounding more than a little concerned as Rodney finished the last knot on his leg.

"Rodney!" Radek said again, and it was probably the note of actual alarm that broke Rodney's singleminded focus.

"What?" he asked, puzzled.

"I'm still dressed?"

Rodney gave him a brillant smile. "Yes. It's kind of like a present this way," he said, leaning in to give Radek another kiss, full of more than hints this time. He lowered himself on top of Radek, groaning as he brushed his aching, still restricted cock against Radek's. He loved this, loved the feel of Radek's hard cock against his own, insulated by the layers of clothes. Loved having Radek at his mercy, subject to his whims...

"Oh. How's mint?"

Radek gave him a look that clearly said he was wondering if Rodney was insane, that said he was seriously rethinking the whole sex-while-bound thing. "As a safeword!" Rodney said, leaning in to trace the line of Radek's neck with his tongue.

"Ah. Yes. Mint. Mint is fine. Mint will do nice-nicely!" Radek's voice rose sharply as Rodney's hands began an exploration, one brushing lightly against the tented fabric of Radek's pants, the other ducking under Radek's shirt to tease his nipples. Rodney added a touch of teeth to his exploration of Radek's neck, hearing the other man gasp and feeling him rock against him in response. Straddling Radek, Rodney pushed the bound man's shirt up, leaning in and licking a circle around his nipple. He bit lightly, shifted up as Radek arched up as high as his bonds would allow, leaving the points of contact light except for teeth and the knees on either side of Radek's hips. Continuing to tease the nipple with teeth and tongue, Rodney shifted one hand to between the two of them and deftly worked Radek's belt and pants open. He pushed the pants away and down, smiling as Radek squirmed, trying to help the process along. Radek groaned and began speaking, but in Czech, the accented syllables making Rodney shiver and thrust against him. He hastily undid his own pants and freed his cock, pulling back, pulling away, and staring at Radek, flush and inviting and his, his to do with as he pleased. He slid his hand up and down his own cock, once, shivering, and gave Radek a smile.

"God, if you only how often I've pictured you just like this," Rodney said, and Radek's hips, arching off the bed at his words, caught Rodney by surprise. He gasped and reached for Radek's cock, finally pulling it free of his boxers, and ground against Radek, leaning in to kiss him hungrily. He stroked up Radek's side with one hand, twining it in Radek's hair, as his other hand slid around both their cocks and stroked. He couldn't completely still his hips, rocking against Radek. After a moment he broke the kiss, nuzzling his way to Radek's ear, and used teeth and lips and tongue to earn another moan from Radek. As Rodney kissed Radek's ear, Radek began speaking in Czech again, his voice heavy and urgent. He was pulling against the ropes, pulling and twisting against Rodney, clothes shifting, and God, it felt so good... Rodney closed his eyes and watched the explosion, white and intense as he came, spilling over his hand as he stroked. Coming back to himself, he freed his own cock and wrapped his hand around Radek's, his come sliding down his hand. He pumped Radek's cock, kissing Radek gently on the lips, and felt Radek's orgasm start, making Radek shake and cry out as he thrust against Rodney. Rodney stroked as Radek finished, reluctant to let go. He stayed with his forehead pressed against Radek's, trying to restart his brain.

Radek shifted, turning his head slightly and returning Rodney's gentle kiss. Rodney shvered and pressed tight against Radek for a moment, drinking in that kiss as long as he could. Finally he shifted, rolling to the side and moving to free Radek with a few tugs at the rope at his hands, not really surprised when Radek wrapped his arms around Rodney, giving Rodney a hard kiss and trying to touch him everywhere.

"Free my legs," Radek said, what could have been a command turned into a plea from the desperation in his voice.

"Why?" Rodney asked, smiling even as he reached for the rope.

"Because I want to wrap myself around you like I could not, earlier," Radek replied, making Rodney shiver and his hands fumble at the second knot. He inhaled sharply and managed to free Radek, and true to his word, he clung to Rodney, kissing a path along his skin. For a moment Rodney enjoyed it, letting Radek give him what Radek needed to, but as Radek started to push him back against the bed, his eyes fell on the box of tissues on the bedside table and he pulled back.

"Here," Rodney said and reached for a tissue, cleaning them both off and making Radek moan as he added a brief squeeze to his now soft cock.

"You think of everything," Radek said, and bit Rodney's neck lightly.

"That's why I'm a genius," Rodney agreed with a gasp. "I take it you enjoyed yourself?"

Radek's response was definitely approval. Rodney grinned. "And I'd say I'm allowed a few hang ups."

"Mmmm," Radek murmured, and Rodney chose to take that as agreement.


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