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fic - Apologies (unseen)

fic - Apologies (unseen)

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R & R by icie
Title: Apology (unseen)
Author: Rose Wilde-Irish
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing: Rodney/Radek
Rating: Adult, Adult, Adult.
Summary: Rodney tries to apologize.
Notes: SPOILERS FOR TRINITY. Sort of. Stolen Inspired by discussion in spubba's journal. Thanks to icie for Czech and beta.

Rodney began speaking before the door finished opening, not allowing Radek's closed-off stare to intterupt.. "Radek, before you say anything, I just wanted to apologi--" He ended in a sharp yelp as Radek grabbed his shirt and yanked him inside Radek's quarters, the Czech's wiry strength and the surprise of it combining to render Rodney speechless and his resistance damn near nil.

"Listen, I really didn't mean for you to mrrrph--" Rodney tried again as he was slammed up against the wall by the door, but Radek cut off Rodney's speech by kissing him fiercely, pressing against him with an already hardened cock. Radek's fingers were quickly working Rodney's pants open, and before Rodney could really process more than the actions, Radek was thrusting up against him. The feel of Radek's cock rubbing against his own, of his cock trapped against Radek and himself, of Radek's teeth on his throat and Radek's fingers on his hips made him gasp and decide to decypher the meanings of it all later. Much later.

All too soon he was stiffening against the onslaught, riding waves of pleasure as his orgasm coursed through him, caught up in the sensations and helpless as he'd been since Radek grabbed him. He clutched at Radek's back, feeling weak and drained and almost blissful as he choked out Radek's name in a voice that he hoped conveyed everything he felt, all the tangled up mess of it, including how sorry he was. Radek thrust against him once, twice more and stiffened himself, teeth on Rodney's neck biting so hard that Rodney was suprised he didn't feel blood.

For a moment they were silent, Radek's head falling onto Rodney's shoulder, still pressed up so close to Rodney that he could feel every pounding beat of Radek's heart. Then abruptly Radek shoved away, shoved him, and let out a flurry of Czech cursing the likes of which Rodney had never heard from him, even at his worst. "...ty zasranej bastarde!!" he finished as he started pushing Rodney out the door.

"Radek, I'm barely decent here!" Rodney said, staring up and down the thankfully deserted hallway and trying to cover the stains on his clothes.

"Apology not accepted, McKay!" Radek said before the door slammed shut, and Rodney didn't know what was worse, being tossed out or having no clue how Radek had managed to sweet-talk the Ancient housing into sharing his moods. He stood for a long moment outside Radek's door, wanting to knock, knowing it was not a good idea.

Finally he sighed, pulled his jacket closer to cover some of the stain, and turned to leave. He'd have to go back to his quarters before tracking down Colonel Sheppard, but at least he knew he had the worst of it behind him.

Until he tried again, and probably again and again and again, to make it up to Radek.


*Ty zasranej bastarde - you fucking bastard
  • Awww. Poor Radek! He's so hurt, and he obviously cares so much. Rodney had better spend a lot of quality time apologising again and again and again.

    You could even write a sequel to show it. :-D
  • There are no words for how much I love your Radek.

    I hope you decide to continue this.
  • Ooo...I like pissed off Radek. Rodney's going to have his work cut out for him.

    This fic appears six times in a row on my friends list. I am such an SGA fic whore.

    I'd say you should write a sequel, except that I'm still waiting for the rest of that other R&R fic. :-P
  • "Radek, I'm barely decent here!" Rodney said, staring up and down the thankfully deserted hallway and trying to cover the stains on his clothes.

    Is too funny and totally what he deserves :D

    And the fic is totally what we deserve after Trinity. Thanks so much :D
  • Cute. Very cute. Poor Radek. As for Rodney... He totally deserved it.
  • Oh, your Radek is perfect. Very well done.
  • Yah! Much with the hot and the not accepted apology and the sex and the hot!
  • hehe.... still love, still hot! *g*

    I'm waiting for the next bit where Radek accepts Rodney's apology ;) :P
  • nothing I like more than proof that you were right about the thank goodness you're alive now get out sex. yis.
    • Hee. It just seems like what would happen. I mean, Zelenka may be patient with Rodney but everyone's got their limits. *g*
  • No! There needs must be more!

    I love the detail of this: or having no clue how Radek had sweet-talked the Ancient housing into sharing his moods.

    So... why is he tracking down Sheppard? And is it going to go roughly the same as his meeting with Radek? Threesome!
  • "Apology not accepted, McKay!"

    Downgraded to "McKay". Yowch.

    Love the message Radek sends here.
  • Oh my... make up sex that doesn't work... but hey... they can try again... and again... and again...

    I like it!
  • I love the reality here... I'd be pissed, take the sex but not the apology... Rodney could have died so "thank god you're alright sex" but I'm sorry, Rodney deserves his ass kicked for the way he was acting and what he said.... Don't you hate trying to write a post to avoid spoilers?
  • Yes! Woohoo! This fic has me screaming with joy and flailing my arms around like a moron. I love Radek. Your Radek, I mean. This is exactly the response I wanted him to have! Hallelujah!
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