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Title: Quarantine
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Author: Rose Wilde-Irish
Rating: Adult, Adult, Adult
Pairing: McKay/Zelenka
Summary: When they were done, Carson carefully placed a few blood-covered fragments into a container. "Since Atlantis reacted to the pair of you, I'm afraid there might be another contagion," he told Rodney.
Notes: For icie, who gave me the prompts.

Radek's angry-sounding Czech, hard on the heels of the crashing, breaking sound, made Rodney whirl around. Surrounded by the broken bits of the lab and its contents, Radek stared down at himself, dumbfounded expression on his face. Rodney's gaze followed Radek's and he stiffened, seeing the spreading dark wetness and the multiple slashes. He was hitting his radio and calling for Carson before he'd begun to scramble across the room, grabbing hold of Radek before the Czech could start to slip down onto the debris-littered floor. He began to half-assist, half-drag Radek to the infirmary.

They got halfway there before Atlantis started trying to close them out. "Damn it!" Rodney swore, and tapped his radio again. "Control, this is McKay. We need Protocol 17-858 activated." The protocols were put into place after the incidents with the nanovirus, designed to help a potentially infected person get to the quarantine room in the infirmary, without infecting half of Atlantis, but they'd only tested them before. Rodney hoped they worked. Reaching the bulkhead, he place a hand on it, willing it to open, feeling a strange kind of stuttering in his mind, as though he were fighting a literal battle of wills. He glanced at Radek, whose eyes were glassed over in pain and shock, took in the still spreading bloodstains, and redoubled his efforts.

The bulkhead slid open reluctantly. Rodney pushed through as soon as he could, dragging Radek along. Quarantine room, he thought. Just need to get us both to the quarantine room.

A nightmarish time later and he was stumbling in, pushing Radek onto the bed there and looking anxiously for Carson. He toggled his radio. "Carson, where the hell are you?"

"Coming, Rodney...bit snappy, aren't you?" Carson's voice came over the radio, and a moment later there was movement on the other side of the airlock corridor. After a pause that seemed forever, the red-suited Carson appeared with a nurse in tow, murmuring reassurances. Rodney hovered as Carson and the nurse worked, listening to their chatter and questions to Radek and turning pale as they cut free Radek's clothes, exposing the many cuts. Some of them were deep, and he brought his fist up to his mouth and pushed against it as they gently cleaned the wounds, numbing the worst of them and stitching them closed.

When they were done, Carson carefully placed a few blood-covered fragments into a container. "Since Atlantis reacted to the pair of you, I'm afraid there might be another contagion," he told Rodney. "The good news is it doesn't seem to be as nasty a reaction as the nanovirus, so my guess is we'll have the both of you out of here in no time."

"Good," Rodney said, and then played back the conversation in his head. "Wait, the both of us?"

Carson gave him a look. "Yes, Rodney, you've most likely been exposed as well. The nanovirus was airborne, remember?"

"All too well," Rodney muttered, and turned his gaze on Radek. "How are you feeling?"

Radek snorted. "Like I am sitting here nearly naked after being cut to shreds."

Rodney bit back a smile. "Well, at least we can probably rule out shock."

"Here, you can put this on," Carson said and handed Radek a gown. "I'm going to give you something for the pain, Radek."

"Díky," Radek replied, holding the gown and staring off into space as Carson readied the injection, then gave it to him.

"We'll get right to work on these," Carson said, indicating the case. "Rodney, call me if he starts to vomit or hallucinate."

"Wait, vomit or hallucinate? What the hell did you give him?"

Carson rolled his eyes. "It's a standard codeine derivative, but I've never given it to Radek before. Those are the severe reactions."

Rodney was staring at Radek with a look half made of fear, half of disgust. "I can't believe you'd give him something that could leave him vomiting and hallucinating."

"Rodney, the sooner Carson can leave and get started on analysis, the sooner we can leave." Radek's normally patient voice had an edge to it, quieting Rodney faster than reassuarances from Carson.

"With luck, we'll have you out of here in no time," Carson said, and activated the door. Rodney gave him a wave an turned back to Radek, who was tying the gown behind his neck. He reached for the next set of ties and pulled back, hissing in pain as the movements stretched one of the cuts on his arms.

"Let me," Rodney said, voice oddly gentle. He moved to a better position and tied the gown closed, ignoring the flash of Radek's back. "So what happened?" Rodney asked, quietly.

Radek grunted. "Not sure. One moment I am examining mostly intact lab equipment, next it is in pieces around me. I must have..." He shrugged. "I don't know, exactly."

Rodney frowned. "I could swear there was nothing to indicate that lab as a danger in the database. Nothing that said anything dangerous was being held in containment..." He fell silent for a moment, then glanced at Radek out of the corner of his eyes. "I'm sorry, Carrot," he said softly.

Radek's mouth quirked. "Not your fault, Rodney," he said, reaching over and giving Rodney's hand a squeeze. They sat there for a moment, until Radek dropped Rodney's hand and flopped back onto the bed. Rodney found a chair and pulled it over, propping his feet up on the edge of the bed.

After a moment of silence, he asked, "Prime/not prime?" He could tell Radek was considering it by the slight purse to his mouth, but finally Radek shook his head.

"Not really feeling up to it," he admitted. Rodney nodded, relaxing back into the chair, and tried to let the knot of anxiety in his belly loosen. He could hear the sound of Radek breathing, steady and calm, and it had the same effect on him as it did when they were lying next to each other, comforting and relaxing him until he drifted off to sleep.


Rodney mumbled as he shifted away from another jab at his feet. "Rodney," Radek said, and something in his voice made Rodney open his eyes and stare. Radek smiled at him, eyes bright. "I'm bored. Come keep me company?" He scooted over, smiling again, and patted the bed behind him. Rodney stared for a moment, then shook his head and stood up.

"The things I do for you," he grumbled, crossing to behind Radek and taking off his shoes before settling carefully in beside Radek, trying not to jar him too much. The small infirmary bed forced closeness on them, not that Rodney minded. He glanced at the camera in the corner of the room and pressed a kiss to Radek's neck before placing an arm around him with extra care. Radek's hand covered his and his thumb made slow circles on the back of Rodney's hand. The soft touch started a comfortable buzzing in Rodney's brain that doubled when Radek pressed back against him. "Radek, we're kind of exposed here," Rodney complained, but he knew his comment lacked the necessary heat when it was accompanied by a nuzzle.

Radek only twisted, grimacing a little as his skin stretched and pulled against the many cuts, until he was lying on his back, Rodney's hand captured in his own. He brought his other hand up and began to stroke and explore Rodney's hand, fingers lacing and teasing along the edges of Rodney's hands, fingertips brushing the webbing between Rodney's fingers and then back up again. Rodney bit back a gasp, reminding himself of the windows and the cameras in the room, not wanting to be on display. It was harder for him to keep to that line of thinking when Radek brought their hands up to his mouth and began to suck lightly on Rodney's finger. Rodney closed his eyes, concentrating on the feel of Radek's lips and teeth and tongue, Radek's hand still loosely encircling his own. He opened them to see Radek's direct gaze, making his breath hitch as he fought a wave of desire.

"Really, not your best idea," Rodney told him, though his body disagreed. "I don't want to," he paused to take a breath and try to shut out the sensations of Radek's mouth on his hand, "put on a show for the medical department."

Radek stopped what he was doing to give Rodney a look. "Check the drawer where Carson got the robe. I bet there's something to cover the camera with. And the windows have blinds, Rodney." He closed his eyes and placed a kiss on Rodney's hand, and Rodney cupped his cheek in response, head swimming with the rush of emotion and desire Radek sparked.

Rodney shook his head. "This is a bad idea," he complained, but he got up anyway and started pulling open drawers, finding something small and tossing it over the camera in the room, then making his way to the blinds and closing them.

"Probably," Radek agreed, eyes on Rodney's ass as he moved to the final window. Rodney glanced back and noticed Radek's stare, shaking his head again, but there was a fond smile on his face. Finishing and turning back towards the infirmary bed, he crooked his finger.

"Come here," he said, and Radek gingerly sat up and scooted to the end of the bed, letting his legs dangle over the end as Rodney stopped in front of him. Leaning down to kiss Radek, he reached for the ties of his hospital gown, losing himself in the kiss, world shrinking down to just this room and the feel of Radek against him, his skin as Rodney slipped the gown off his shoulders. Radek's fingers were laced in Rodney's hair, holding him close, and Rodney silently cursed the injuries that kept them from a real bed, from being able to do the things to Radek he wanted to do. Still, there were options open to him, and he moved lower, nipping and tasting and teasing his way down, avoiding the cuts and scrapes, hands on either side of Radek supporting his weight and keeping him free of Radek's injuries. Radek's breath was ragged now, his cock rigid and straining against his underwear. Rodney tried to keep his own breathing under control, to ignore his own needs in favor of Radek's. When he thought about what could've happened back in the lab... He stifled a shudder and eased Radek's underwear off, letting the injured man help and easing it over the various bandaged sites. When they were off, Rodney knelt before Radek, who was perched on the very edge of the bed with his legs spread and his cock straining up. Rodney took a deep breath to ground himself, trying to dispense with a feeling of dizziness as he paused to stroke unharmed portions of Radek's thighs.

"You scared me today," Rodney admitted, not looking at Radek's face. "Don't do that again."

Before Radek could reply, Rodney leaned in and ran his tongue along Radek's shaft, down to the base and back up before taking in the head of his cock. He sucked lightly, letting his tongue explore familiar lines, pressing against the slit and sliding lower, enjoying Radek's gasp. He put one hand beside Radek's hip for balance, the other still making small circles on Radek's thigh, and tried not to moan himself as Radek ran fingers through his hair and held on, slight pressure guiding Rodney's movements. One of Radek's fingers brushed the outer edge of Rodney's ear and he groaned against Radek's cock. That's not fair, Rodney thought. He knows what that does to me. He squirmed as Radek brushed against his ear again, other hand reaching down to stroke Rodney's neck, his own cock heavy and tight within his pants. He sucked harder, trying to sabotage Radek's actions, focusing his attention on the reactions he was producing in Radek.

Radek was muttering under his breath, a fluid stream of Czech that never failed to get to Rodney, even though he didn't know what Radek was saying. Rodney was learning, though, and caught a phrase or two, enough to make him want to smile if he could. Instead he redoubled his efforts, earning a choked "Rodney!" from Radek that went straight to his cock. He ignored it and kept going, feeling Radek trying not to thrust as his hands stopped caressing and concentrated on guiding Rodney. Rodney brought his other hand into play, cupping Radek's balls and squeezing them lightly before encircling his cock and stroking in compliment to the sucking he was doing. Radek's Czech increased in volume and speed, hips straining up and fingers tightening in Rodney's hair. Rodney adds a twist and the hint of his teeth, not quite touching Radek's skin, making Radek stiffen as he came, shouting Rodney's name as Rodney sucked and swallowed, riding out Radek's orgasm. He slid Radek's softening cock free and eased Radek back on the bed, climbing beside him and trying to keep his distance, despite wanting to strip himself naked and thrust against the dazed man.

For a moment, the only sound was Radek's harsh breathing. Rodney leaned over to kiss Radek, the soft kiss gradually growing harder as Radek took control, tongue darting against Rodney's, making him gasp. He shivered as Radek's hand ghosted over his erection, unzipping his pants and freeing his cock. Radek broke their kiss to glance down, breath hitching in a way that made Rodney groan and thrust into Radek's hand, turned on beyond words just knowing that Radek wanted him, that seeing him affected Radek the same way Radek affected him. Rodney kissed Radek again harder, unable to find the words to tell Radek exactly how he felt. He knew Radek was aware but he still wanted to show Radek.

From the heat of Radek's response, he didn't mind. And as Radek stroked with renewed vigor, Rodney gave up on thinking and concentrated on the sensations, groaning and thrusting, trying to hold off just a little longer to enjoy Radek's talented fingers. Radek's mouth returned to claim his, and Rodney's world narrowed to tonguefingerstwistingGodthatfeelssogood! and he was lost, tumbling over the edge as he came and cried out Radek's name, senses overloading and everything going to grey.

He returned to himself still panting, one hand buried in Radek's hair and his forehead and nose resting against Radek's. He opened his eyes to see Radek's own gazing at him, drinking in his expression, raw emotion displayed openly for Rodney to see. It said more than words ever could, and Rodney tilted his head to kiss Radek gently, needing to convey how shared those emotions were. Radek met him with an equal amount of tenderness, cleaning himself and Rodney off carefully and breaking the kiss enough to yawn.

Rodney smiled. "Need sleep?"

Radek nodded. "I think I can, now." Rodney felt a stab of guilt, realizing that Radek had been awake while he slept earlier. He shifted, preparing to leave the too-cramped bed, but Radek shook his head, catching his hand. "Stay?" he asked, and Rodney nodded, leaving Radek to turn gingerly and curl back against him before pulling the sheet up and over Radek's nakedness. He pressed another kiss to the back of Radek's neck, the even, measured breaths telling Rodney that Radek had already fallen asleep. In moments Rodney followed him, not waking until after Carson had returned.

From the expression on the doctor's face, caught halfway between a knowing smile and disapproval, he knew exactly what had gone on. Too late Rodney remembered the camera's mic, and he flushed a bright red as he realized they'd had less privacy than they'd thought.

No wonder Carson was alone.

"The good news is, we were able to use the Ancient's database to find not only what they were working on, but a cure for it as well. Not surprised you missed it, Rodney, it was in the medical section instead of the lab summary. Found a few interesting bits as well. Anyway, it took us some time, but we should be able to get you two right as rain and out of here." Carson held up a syringe and Rodney grimaced but presented his arm. Radek gave them both a tired blink and took his shot as well, starting to pull his arm away after the first but Carson shook his head. "I want to give you another pain shot, though God only knows why. Clearly it affects your judgement as well." He switched to a third syringe and expertly injected it.

"Carson," Rodney began.

"It'll be some hours before the vaccine can eliminate the virus, which the Ancients had somehow managed to preserve in stasis in that lab," Carson continued. "Atlantis itself will let you out when you're clear. Try to remember this is an infirmary and not a brothel in the meantime, would you?" He turned on his heel and stalked out, leaving Rodney speechless and worried that his friend would never forgive him.

At least until Carson paused in the doorway to throw a quick glance back at them, his muffled snort of laughter managing to penetrate the red hazmed suit and make its way back to them. Rodney settled back into his position curled beside Radek, who pulled his arm closer and snuggled against him. Rodney pressed another brief kiss to the back of Radek's neck, enjoying the shiver it produced.

"Don't do that again," he repeated.

"I don't plan on it," Radek replied, giving his hand a squeeze.



Díky - thanks
Nickname of Carrot - see here.
Tags: carrot & stick 'verse, fic, mckay/zelenka, r&r, sga

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  • fic! Leverage snippet

    Title: Heart to Heart Author: Rose Wilde-Irish Fandom: Leverage Pairing/Characters: Hardison/Parker, about how you see them on the series, Nate Ford…

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