Rose Wilde-Irish (rosewildeirish) wrote,
Rose Wilde-Irish

fic - Head Games

Title: Head Games
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Author: Rose Wilde-Irish
Pairing: Rodney/Radek
Rating: Adult
Summary:"You're not going to get away with this," Rodney said, lightly; the sentence still seemed clichéd and overly dramatic to him. From the look on Radek's face, he wasn't alone in that.

"I already have."

Notes: ms_smooth didn't discourage me...thanks to zortified and icie for beta. Feedback tells me what I'm doing, right or wrong, and is much appreciated.

Rodney shifted as he waited at Radek's door, glancing furtively down the hallway as he activated the chime.

"Come," he heard faintly from inside. Squaring his shoulders, he stepped in.

Radek lounged back in a chair, eyeing Rodney from head to toe. He was uncomfortably reminded of his cat, outdoors and with her prey caught between her front paws, deciding whether to eat it or play with it for a while first.

Either way, the outcome was assured.

After a long examination, during which Rodney did his best not to squirm, Radek smiled, a faint upward turn at the corners of his mouth. Rodney repressed a shudder, lifting his chin as he gazed back defiantly.

"Strip," Radek ordered, watching Rodney through hooded eyes.

"And if I don't?" Rodney asked him.

Radek laughed, the brittle coldness of it cutting through Rodney. "You will. You may not like to admit it, Rodney, but you care for a lot of the people here." He gave Rodney a pointed look. "I advise you to choose your battles wisely."

Rodney stared defiantly back for a long moment before sagging and dropping his eyes. Without looking at Radek, he raised a steady hand up and unhooked his radio, setting it gently down on a nearby table. Pausing before reaching for the bottom of his shirt, he glanced at Radek, still staring at him with dark and smoldering eyes.

"Your secret won't stay safe forever, you know," Rodney said as he pulled the shirt roughly off, telling himself his heart rate was elevated because he was frightened.

Radek laughed his cold laugh again. "They didn't believe you when Laura Cadman was trapped in your head. What makes you think they'll believe you now?"

"Oh, I don't know, because this time there's evidence?" Rodney said, feeling foolish as he stood there with his fist balled up in the shirt, trying to ignore how the coolness of the room was pebbling his skin, how the utter unreality of it all was making him feel absurd, and yet underneath was a low current of illicit thrill coupled with a frisson of fear.

"But even if you tell what you know, the last place anyone will look is at poor, longsuffering Radek Zelenka, friend to all and doormat to one Dr. Rodney McKay. They are more likely to believe that you are the one who is responsible."

Rodney wanted to voice a protest, to tell him how wrong he was, but a silent voice kept insisting of the truth of Radek's statement.

He slumped again.

"I believe I told you to strip," Radek said, velvet tones doing very little to mask the steel underneath.

Rodney stared at him, then bent to remove his shoes and socks. Straightening, he once again met Radek's eyes, determined not to break his gaze as he reached down to undo his pants. In a swift move he pushed both them and his underwear down and stepped out, straightening and once again raising his chin.

The small, predatory smile was back as Radek once again slowly looked him up and down, and Rodney bit back a curse as he found himself responding to that look, hot and commanding in a way he'd never experienced from Radek before. This is not our Radek, he reminded himself. This is not the man I've been sleeping with for the past four months. His body didn't believe him.

"You're not going to get away with this," Rodney said, lightly; the sentence still seemed clichéd and overly dramatic to him. From the look on Radek's face, he wasn't alone in that.

"I already have."

Rodney crossed his arms, ignoring how ridiculous a pose it was when buck naked. "It has occurred to you that there's a time limit, hasn't it?"

"It has occurred to you that entropic cascade failure requires the subject's double to be alive and well in order to occur?"

Rodney made a strangled noise that sounded almost like a restrained laugh. "Bastard!"

Radek's smile had not lost any of its coldness. "Enough of this. Get on the bed."

Rodney glanced over, gaze lingering on the straps peeking up at the corners. He swallowed and told himself that getting hard over this was not just a betrayal of what he had with his Radek, but of Atlantis as a whole.

His dick didn't seem to care.

Shooting Radek an angry look, he stalked over to the bed and lay down, eyes never leaving Radek's. Radek was looking Rodney over once again, and Rodney shivered as that intense, predatory gaze heated his blood further. Not Radek! he reminded himself. No matter how much he looks like him and no matter what you remember that body can do to yours.

Thinking along those lines wasn't helping, he realized. Instead it was causing him to have memory flashes of Radek, cupping his cheek before pulling Rodney closer for an incredibly focused kiss. Of the trail of fingers across his skin, the feel of lips and teeth and tongue, the smooth skin of Radek's cock and the heat of Radek's breath.

"Arm," Radek said, only the Radek he knew never spoke in such imperious tones. Rodney hesitated, meeting Radek's eyes and seeing a stranger gazing coolly back at him. He bit his lip and raised up his arm, allowing it to be tied into place. Radek circled the bed, running his fingers along the edge of Rodney's body in the process. Rodney kept still, not permitting himself to do anything to meet Radek's touch. Radek lifted his other arm and tied it securely into place. Rodney bit his lip again as Radek ran his hands down Rodney's body like he would a possession, slowly walking to the foot of the bed. Radek pulled his hand free, smiling slightly as he gazed up and down Rodney's naked and bound form. Rodney swallowed, feeling his cock jump as Radek continued to stare, slowly removing his own clothes. This was going to be completely different from anything he'd ever experienced with his Radek, he realized. This Radek wasn't going to be concerned about Rodney's pleasure, only his own.

Rodney was pretty sure there was something really wrong with him for being so incredibly turned on by that notion. He closed his eyes and tried to divorce himself from the situation, tried to think only of his lost Radek.

The bed shifted as the Radek he was trying to forget settled onto it, and Rodney tensed, anticipating contact and getting a spike of both pleasure and pain as Radek's teeth found his nipple and bit sharply. He gasped, opening his eyes to see Radek grinning ferally. "You're starting to finally understand, aren't you?" he asked, hand sliding down to grip Rodney's erection firmly before stroking in a way that made Rodney gasp and arch up. "You are mine, to be used as I see fit." He leaned down and nipped Rodney's collarbone, hands and mouth working Rodney's body in a possessive way. Rodney's mouth worked soundlessly, trying and failing to come up with a response to Radek's declaration.

Radek sat back, eyeing Rodney hungrily as he opened the lube. Rodney watched, helpless to tear his eyes from the sight of Radek's hand as he stroked the lube over his thick, hard cock. He stared, mesmerized by the slow and sensual movement of Radek's hand, breath becoming more ragged as his mind raced ahead to what would surely come next.

Fully slicked, Radek paused, eyes never leaving Rodney's bound form. Rodney felt a tingling, heightened sensitivity follow the path Radek's gaze took. He writhed, closing his eyes against the naked lust in Radek's eyes, never having seen Radek quite like this.

It threatened to overwhelm him, especially knowing that this wasn't his Radek.

"Open your eyes," Radek commanded. Rodney shivered and complied, once again taken by Radek's expression. He whimpered, body aching for Radek's touch, and knew himself to be damned. "Yes..." Radek said, eyes dark and fierce, hand moving faster over his hardness. Rodney moaned, genius brain stuck on one fact, tumbling over and over itself like a hamster in a wheel: Radek wanted him. It didn't matter where he came from or what he had done...Radek wanted him. And he wanted Radek, so very very desperately. He was close, so close and if Radek didn't touch him soon, didn't fuck him like he was aching for, Rodney was going to beg. He arched up, trying to make some contact with Radek and hearing him chuckle, dark and low and tolerant. "You want me to touch you this way, don't you?" Radek said, fingers working himself, twisting. Rodney panted, making needy noises, and Radek moved swiftly, arms shifting to position his body over Rodney's, hovering just out of reach. "Don't you?" he demanded, and Rodney nodded, looking away, but Radek put one hand on his chin and wrenched, making Rodney face him.

"Yes!" Rodney shouted, feeling something inside him twist and break free. "I want you to touch me, make me come, fuck me hard! Please, Radek, please-" His voice broke and he closed his eyes, groaning and thrusting, and finally, finally Radek lowered himself, grinding against Rodney and making him cry out. Radek leaned back again, but this time his hand was on Rodney's cock, and Rodney was really moaning now, too captivated by the way Radek stroked and squeezed and twisted to care how desperate he sounded. Radek kissed him hard, swallowing his moans and claiming him, no tenderness or affection in the kiss. Rodney surrendered to the kiss, coming hard, heart pounding hard enough to burst.

He was still caught up in his orgasm as Radek worked a finger into him, slick fingers working him quickly before retreating and pressing against him. Radek's face, fierce and focused, swam before Rodney, and then his world was Radek's cock filling him, Radek's fingers finding his nipples, teasing and twisting as he thrust inside Rodney. It was all too much, too intense, and Rodney whimpered, feeling something building again within him. He was still soft and limp but that didn't stop the waves of pleasure from breaking within him as Radek thrust, hitting his prostate repeatedly. Glancing up, it was the look of tenderness on Radek's face that broke him again, making him want to reach up and cup Radek's cheek. He strained against the ties that held his arms down, eyes locked with Radek's. Radek whimpered, pushing in deep and closed his eyes as he came. Rodney stared, caught by Radek's expression, feeling his orgasm subside. He collapsed against Rodney, panting. It was a moment before he withdrew, opening his eyes and kissing Rodney's cheek tenderly before working the ties around his arms. As soon as his arms were free, Rodney wrapped them around Radek, squeezing and turning his head to kiss Radek properly.

"That was..." he started, voice trailing off.

"Yes," Radek agreed, warmth coloring his voice. They kissed again, slow and deliberate. Rodney was the one to break it, pulling back to give Radek a mock-severe look.

"Next time, though, I think that I should be the evil twin." He shifted, managing to twist Radek underneath him, maneuvering until he straddled him. "I've got some ideas...not that what you did wasn't nice-"

"Rodney, I made you come so hard you almost hit your chin," Radek protested, but he didn't fight Rodney's hands at his wrists and a smile tugged at the corners of his mouth.

"I did not," Rodney tried, but Radek stared pointedly at his chest and Rodney couldn't deny the evidence there. He settled for playing dirty, leaning in and nipping Radek's throat, making him gasp. "Are you saying you don't want to?" he asked, voice low and rough in Radek's ear.

"N...not at all," Radek managed. Rodney smiled, and leaned in to kiss him again, Radek soft and willing beneath him. He pulled back suddenly, eyes narrowing as he looked at Radek.

"They didn't believe me about Cadman? And you wanted me to believe you killed yourself?"


"Honestly, Radek. Because that almost blew it right there. I had to try to keep from laughimph-"

When they broke the kiss this time, Radek was on top again, shaking his finger at Rodney. "Don't try to pretend you didn't like it, miláčku. I was there and I have the evidence to back it up." His fingers ghosted across Rodney's chest, touching skin only, and Rodney inhaled, nodding and shifting against Radek.

"We don't have to be anywhere for a while yet, right?"

Radek's smile was pure sin. "I cleared our schedules through tomorrow." He bent down and nuzzled Rodney's neck.

Rodney's eyes glazed over. "Oh," he managed, running his hands down Radek's back. "You think of everything when you're evil, don't you?"

Radek answered him with a kiss. Rodney couldn't argue with that.

Tags: fic, r&r, sga, snappy

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  • fic! Leverage snippet

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