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fic! Anything But Rude Awakening (followup to Three A.M. in Pegasus, Adult)

fic! Anything But Rude Awakening (followup to Three A.M. in Pegasus, Adult)

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Zelenka - Rodney was here by Spubba
Title: Anything But Rude Awakening
Author: Rose Wilde-Irish
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing: McKay/Zelenka
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 1,256
Summary: "Rodney," he gasped, and Rodney looks up at him, eyes bright.
Notes: Thanks to spubba and kyrdwyn who gave this a look-over at various points. Sequel to Three A.M. in Pegasus.

Radek wakes, feeling the heat of Rodney wrapped around him, the soft fuzz of Rodney's groin resting against his ass. He fights the urge to slip back down into sleep, his bladder protesting again, and instead worms his way free of Rodney.

When he returns, Rodney is sprawled belly-down on the bed, taking up more room than should be possible. He frowns first, and then smiles as fondness fought off irritation. Finding a spot clear enough, Radek sits beside Rodney, his touch light as he coaxes Rodney into a position that leaves enough room for him and snuggles into the vacant spot. Sighing, he tries to relax, but doesn't quite manage it until Rodney once again wraps around him, his breath warm on Radek's neck and the weight from the press of his body almost too cloying.

He can't quite work up enough irritation at Rodney to stay awake, though; the warmth and the slow rise and fall of Rodney's chest pressing against his back pull him right back into sleep.

He wakes again with a gasp, moaning. The world starts up around him again but narrows back down to his cock, and the heatwetsuction of Rodney's mouth enveloping it. His hands cup Rodney's head, holding him close, and his hips stop a miniature thrusting they'd almost begun. "Rodney," he gasped, and Rodney looks up at him, eyes bright. He could swear he feels Rodney try to smile around his cock, and he moans again as Rodney takes more of him in, sucking hard. Rodney is nestled between his legs, both hands caressing his thighs, sliding up to his hips, and Radek fights squirming as the sensations start the slow build to overload. He knows what Rodney is capable of, and Rodney doesn't appear to want this to be at all quick.

Dirty is another thing, Radek realizes, as Rodney's hands leave his thighs and one reaches for the lube that is beside him. Rodney's mouth on his cock is doing lewd things and his hands are quickly there again, one stroking his hip and thigh and the other...

The other is making its way down and under and leaving a light slick trail of lube, teasing at his balls. Radek moans, knowing Rodney loves it when he's vocal. "Oh, God," he says, and then says it again in Czech a moment later as Rodney teases his entrance, stroking and circling and doing his level best to make Radek plead.

By the time his fingers are inside Radek, stroking and filling and rubbing just so, Rodney has his cock in a grip, tongue driving him crazy, fingers tight enough to keep him from slipping over the edge. He's breaking, and begging, not sure if the words are in Czech or English but letting them spill out, curses and praise and pleading. Rodney works him, mouth and hands doing their level best to take Radek apart, and he knows he's speaking in Czech now but the English is gone and Rodney is moaning, the vibrations going straight through his cock, Rodney's fingers stroking and Radek is gone, white pleasure covering all his brokenness. Before he can recover, Rodney is up and moving, climbing, mouthing spots on his stomach and nipples and collarbone before claiming his own in a kiss.

He tastes his own release on Rodney's tongue, sharp and bitter. He whimpers as Rodney grinds against him, erection hard against his hip. "Radek," Rodney's voice breaks as he says it, and Radek would do almost anything if Rodney only asked him with that much open need in his voice. Rodney's hands are sliding down his sides and under his thighs, lifting them up on either side of him, and his mouth finds Radek's bottom lip, nipping and sucking, and despite just coming Radek feels electricity sweep through him. He's not in any danger of being hard yet, but he wants Rodney, wants to feel that same need coming from him as well. He shifts, raising his hips and legs higher, one hand cupping Rodney's neck, the other tracing a path down his spine, feeling Rodney's groan against his skin.

"Radek," Rodney says again, "Oh, God, Radek." It's an openness that Rodney never shows anyone, despite being unable to hide anything; and it cuts Radek more than he can say that he's the one who gets to see Rodney like this, who makes Rodney like this.

"Please, Rodney," Radek says, surprising himself. "Fuck me." He's never this bold, saying what he wants, and the move sends warring jolts of terror and desire through him. He tilts his head back, exposing the line of his throat, his fingers tracing the cleft of Rodney's ass and pulling him closer. Rodney closes his eyes and shudders, and when he opens them again, the want in them hits Radek hard. He's kissing Rodney before the other man makes his move, reaching down and making sure Radek is ready for him.

Sometimes Radek thinks he never leaves this moment, not entirely.

He cries out as Rodney enters him swiftly, unable to stop from pushing towards Rodney. Rodney's hands are pushing against his thighs, thumbs making small circles as he thrusts deep, mouth open and a look of stunned disbelief on his face. "Rodney," Radek pants, hands sliding up Rodney's biceps and gripping as Rodney pulls back, almost all the way out. "Oh, God, again," he begs, and Rodney starts the slower push in, blinking once before leaning in and kissing him.

"You feel," Rodney begins, and stops, searching Radek's face. Radek's fingers tighten against Rodney's arms and he holds back a shiver, unable to look away. "So good," Rodney groaned, moving. "So right."

"You, too," Radek says, and Rodney halts, breathing in a deep, ragged breath.

"God, Radek," Rodney says, and then he begins to really thrust. Radek closes his eyes and surrenders to the sensations, the feel of Rodney hard and deep inside him, waves of pleasure spiking through him. Rodney leans in and kisses him, anything but gentle. Like Rodney himself, the kiss is demanding and hard and complex, an acquired taste that Radek has found he can't get enough of. He's making needy sounds of want, ones that Rodney matches as he arches into Radek.

Radek's hands are on Rodney's shoulders, pulling him close, whispering to him. The words aren't even in English, but they always seem to get to Rodney, and it's the words that send him over the edge now, crying out as he makes one last vicious thrust that overwhelms Radek. He has no idea how long they cling together, panting and trembling, but he feels it sharply when the world starts up again.

Rodney's kiss is tender as he withdraws, telling him all the things he knows Rodney can never say. He cups Rodney's cheek as the kiss is broken, feeling him lean into it, eyes fluttering shut and lashes brushing against his fingertips. Rodney makes a hmming noise before opening his eyes and smiling at Radek as he shifts away.

"Hungry?" Rodney asks, and Radek shakes his head, smiling back. "Me neither." He surprises Radek by settling back into bed beside him, wrapping his arms around Radek once more before stilling. It's not often that they spend a leisurely morning in bed, and Radek decides not to question it, not to break the spell.

Rodney can't see it, but his smile is content as he presses back against the scientist, not thinking, not reacting, simply being.

The rest of the world can start again later.
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