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Fic - Warlock's Bond: Healer

Title: Warlock's Bond: Healer
Author: Rose Wilde-Irish
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing: Beckett/McKay
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Carson pulled his hand away from Rodney's collar, letting it fall free. "You're not a slave, Rodney," he said softly. "Not once you've either set foot on Atlantis or we've completed the mating bond. My people don't allow slavery."
Notes: Set in kyrdwyn's Warlock AU. Read her fic Warlock's Bond: Warrior first for important plot points. Major thanks to kyrdwyn for letting me play in her sandbox, and thanks to zortified for beta duties.

Warlock's Bond: Warrior

Carson entered the gray room and beckoned his mate inside, feeling the weight of the man's gaze on him. Rodney had been silent as Carson had taken the papers to Lady Warlock Emmagen, glancing over them to learn the name of his mate and his s'gan's mate. He'd stood, straight and with his chin held high as Carson had stammered his way through an explanation of why he needed a second gray room. He still remembered the Lady Warlock's raised eyebrow, the amusement that had spilled out into joyous laughter, cutting through his own embarrassment and making him smile as well.

His mate had only frowned, spine stiffening further. Carson had turned to him, trying to reach him on the psychic plane, to send a pulse of reassurance to him, but as before, Rodney had resisted him. Carson had blinked, losing his smile as he made their excuses, and moved towards the door. "It's this way," he'd told Rodney, wondering if things were going to work out after all. He still felt the need for his mate thrumming through his veins; could feel Rodney's own desire radiate out from the man. The walk back to their room had been spent in silence, Carson's emotions twisting inside him. This should be a joyful time of discovery and bonding, but Carson couldn't stop fear as it built inside him. It was possible that Rodney would reject the mating bond. It had happened before, though rarely.

Now, alone with his mate in the gray room, Carson closed the door and sealed it with wards that would keep others away while the bond was formed...or rejected. Before he could turn to face his mate, Rodney spoke.

"So we come in peace to discover the mysteries of the Ancients, get captured and beaten and sold into slavery, some sort of perverted sex slave thing, and I'll have you know that not only is that a phenomenal waste of my intellect, but there will be people that come for us! You'll have to answer for this, and they won't take too kindly to-"

Carson pulled his hand away from Rodney's collar, letting it fall free. "You're not a slave, Rodney," he said softly. "Not once you've either set foot on Atlantis or we've completed the mating bond. My people don't allow slavery."

His mate's mouth worked, but no words came out. Carson found himself drawn into Rodney's gaze, startled by the directness of it. He cleared his throat, trying to collect his wits. "And if you'll let me," he said, reaching tentatively towards the worst of the bruising on Rodney's face, "I'll heal you. Just follow me," he murmured, closing his eyes and reaching for him on the psychic plane.

"Follow you? Follow you whe-" Rodney said, ending in a gasp.

*Here,* Carson told him, pulling him onto the psychic plane, feeling Rodney's resistance yet again.

*What the hell is this?* Rodney demanded.

*The psychic plane,* Carson responded, sending a calming pulse towards Rodney. *I'm a healer. I do most of my work here. If you'll be silent for a moment, I can heal you.*

*You've got to be kidding me. You're asking me to believe in hocus pocus and-*

*Rodney. I'm asking you to let me work,* Carson cut in. He could feel Rodney's irritation coming off him in waves, but the man stayed silent. Finding his center and focusing, Carson began to work, feeling decidedly odd as the healing he crafted resonated between the two of them. *There,* he said finally. *Feel better?*

He took a moment to step back and view his work, seeing the faint green traces of his healing energy as it faded from Rodney's body. Underneath, the skin was whole and smooth. Carson found himself seeing more than just the body and the work he'd done, comparing Rodney's purely physical form with his psychic one. He seemed stronger, even more formidable here.

And also more uncomfortable. *Are we done? Can you get me...out of this place?* he pleaded, and Carson could feel it when he realized how much of his own discomfort and unhappiness had come through as well.

*I'm truly sorry, Rodney, but it would be best if we do this here. It will take less time and there will be less confusion.* He projected as much comfort and acceptance as he could, trying to make Rodney feel more welcome here. *I take it you don't have Lord and Lady Warlocks on your world. Do you have the mating bond?*

He could feel Rodney's puzzlement ripple through him. *We have an institution called marriage, which is a joke most of the time, particularly if you're talking about my parents.*

Carson sighed, knowing this wasn't going to be easy and feeling the press of his physical body's need to consummate the mating bond. He stifled the urge. *This is more than marriage – it's a joining of souls, a connection that runs deeper than just a physical and mental one. It's not terribly common; in fact it's unusual that my s'gan brother and I both found our mates on the same day.*

Rodney was staring at him again, and Carson stared right back, feeling as though he could lose himself in those bright, open eyes. *So this is meant to be,* Rodney said finally. *No going back.* There was a decided blandness to Rodney's words, no hint of emotional content to give Carson a hint whether Rodney was happy or upset or too far out of his element with the situation. It made Carson cautious, knowing that such a response was very different from the man he'd seen so far.

*Ah, no,* Carson admitted. *Mating bonds have been rejected before.* He didn't try to repress the shudder that went through him at the thought, chilled with the idea of knowing the other half of your soul was out there and...had chosen to survive without you.

Rodney's eyes were still focused on him, and Carson couldn't shake the feeling that he, too, was listening with more than ears. *And that's...painful,* Rodney said, less than a question.

*Isn't rejection always?* Carson asked, then sighed. *Yes; because it goes so much deeper, it's a soul-wound.* He grimaced, feeling the pulse of his blood and his desire for the man in front of him, and knew his need for action grew close. *You cannot force a mating bond, if that's what you're asking. But you also cannot ignore it forever. You have to choose, Rodney.*

Deciding he had enough of discussion, Carson exited the psychic plane and blinked as his eyes adjusted to only physical sight once more. "The decision is yours. If you choose to reject the bond, you need only go see Lady Warlock Emmagan, who will assign you a room until we can return to Atlantis."

"And when would that be?" Rodney asked, also blinking, and Carson felt his heart sink.

"I don't know; probably several days. I won't leave my s'gan brother while he and his mate are completing their bond, and that...takes as long as it takes."

He watched as Rodney swallowed, fighting a growing urge to nuzzle his neck. "And how do you...complete the bond?" Rodney asked, a small tremor in his voice telling Carson that he probably already had a good idea. Carson could see small beads of sweat forming on Rodney's temples as the mating fire climbed higher, could feel it on his own forehead. His cock was painfully hard, but he ignored it as Rodney ignored his own body's response.

"We claim each other," Carson said. "Equally."

"What if this is wrong? What if someone has never-what are you dooooh, oh God," Rodney said, as Carson decided enough was enough and crossed the distance between them, sinking to his knees and freeing Rodney's cock swiftly. He stroked the smooth skin, gazing up at Rodney.

"You can leave, now, or we can do this. But while you might be able to stand there and deny the fire to ask question after question, I am more interested in starting the process. We will have time afterwards for your questions."

"How long," Rodney gasped, unable to stop his hips from thrusting forward into Carson's hands. Carson glanced down, longing to taste Rodney, but knowing he owed the man an answer.

"The longer it lasts, the stronger the bond," he said. "We can slack the fire's burning, but only by penetration on both our parts will the bond be forged and our souls joined."

He paused, dropping his hand, and looked up. "It's up to you, Rodney," he said. "You can go to Lady Warlock Emmagan...or stay with me." He leaned in, still not touching Rodney, lips parted and mouth open, breath hot and humid as it hit Rodney's cock. There was a noise from Rodney that went straight to Carson's cock, making it throb painfully. He inhaled deeply, breathing in Rodney's musk and feeling his cock twitch in response. Looking up into Rodney's unguarded expression, he realized that the man would not be leaving this room any time soon.

Rodney grinned crookedly at him, making Carson's breath catch. "Think we can outlast them?" he asked, and Carson had to grin back at him.

"One way to find out," he said, and leaned closer, finally getting to taste Rodney. As his lips enveloped Rodney's length, he felt Rodney's hands grip his shoulders, thumbs moving in small circles as the fingers lightly clenched. Carson sucked lightly on Rodney's head, the bitter tang only serving to stoke the mating fires higher. He wanted to see his mate's control break, to see the mind that was capable of fending off his own reduced to one thing: the way Carson made him feel. Letting Rodney's cock slide free, he traced the underside of it with his tongue, one hand fitting against Rodney's hip like it was made to rest there, the other reaching out to cup Rodney's balls. He made his way down Rodney's shaft, hearing his mate gasp and make wordless noises of encouragement and enjoyment, then mouthed one of his balls, sucking at it as his fingers pressed against the skin behind them. Rodney moaned and clutched harder at his shoulders, falling back to lean against the wall as Carson released him and moved to the other side. Repeating the treatment, he was rewarded with his mate's whimper, feeling the desire echoing through what would become their bond.

It made him think of how much more intense this was going to be when the bond was complete, and Carson groaned, his own cock hard and straining against his pants. He pulled back and let his tongue tease Rodney's shaft, flicking lightly against the sensitized skin. Rodney moaned again and Carson could feel his aborted movement, feel the want to thrust that Rodney held in check as he pressed his tongue against Rodney's slit, tasting his precome anew. Hollowing his cheeks, Carson took Rodney in, hearing his mate speak, the broken tone of it telling Carson how deeply he was affected by Carson's attentions.

"Oh, God, just like that, please, God, yes, don't stop, oh, please don't stop, you'll kill me if you stop," Rodney said as Carson slid down his length and back up again to tease with tongue and suction, to fan the flames of the mating fire high enough to burn them both. Rodney clutched at his shoulders, warning him before he came, and Carson pulled back, sucking and swallowing and tightening his grip on Rodney's hip, groaning himself as Rodney's orgasm crashed through the mating bond, making him ache with his own need. Rodney was resting bonelessly against the wall as Carson released him and stood, pressing his own hardness against Rodney's hip as he leaned in for a kiss. Rodney wore a spellshocked expression but he responded eagerly to Carson's kiss, open and wet and demanding. Carson rocked against Rodney as his hands found their way under Rodney's shirt, stroking the smooth skin there. Rodney groaned, breaking their kiss to rest his cheek against Carson's. He held Carson close, doing nothing for a moment as Carson stroked and thrust. Leaning down to Carson's neck, Rodney nipped at the skin, making him gasp. When the sensations subsided, Carson realized Rodney's hands were on his pants, working them open; he had time to inhale deeply before Rodney freed his hard cock and stroked it as he nipped at Carson's neck.

"One thing," his mate said, not stopping his attentions but definitely backing off.

"Anything," Carson gasped, wanting only to give in to the fire that raged in his veins.

"You never told me your name," Rodney said, and his eyes were as intense as any on the psychic plane.

Carson bit back a laugh and rested his forehead against Rodney's. "It's Carson," he said, earning another of Rodney's crooked smiles. Rodney leaned in, giving him a hard kiss, hands teasing and twisting and stroking him. He broke the kiss, giving Carson another of his piercing looks.

"Carson," he said, and Carson shivered, feeling it go straight down his spine and into his cock. "Come for me, Carson," Rodney said and leaned in to kiss his neck as his hands worked Carson, who thrust hard into Rodney's hand and cried out as his world went white with pleasure as he came.

When his senses cleared, he was resting against Rodney, who was stroking his back lightly, supporting him wordlessly. There was something in the movement of his hands, the play of his fingers along Carson's cloth-covered skin that was almost worshipful. Carson leaned over and kissed him, feeling the first pull of his soul and Rodney's towards each other. The kiss started gentle, the touch of their lips light but growing firmer, tongues entwining and exploring, and Rodney's fingers gave a spasm and twitch against Carson's back. He worked his shirt free, sliding it off his shoulders and past Rodney's hands. The touch of Rodney's fingers against his bare and sensitized skin was one of the most intense things Carson had ever felt, startling and powerful in its simplicity. Carson whimpered and suddenly Rodney was holding him harder, closer, his fingers digging into Carson's back stoking the mating fires higher with the small, sharp bite of pain. He pulled at Rodney's shirt, annoyed that it didn't open as easily as his own, even if it did show off the man's form well. Rodney stopped long enough to allow Carson to pull the shirt over his head, blinking for a moment and then reaching out to run careful hands over Carson's chest. Carson sighed and leaned into the movement, his own fingertips running lightly over Rodney's nipples, watching them peak.

"Oh, God that's nice," Rodney said, his own hands sliding around to Carson's back and further down, the caress making his cock twitch as he could feel the fires start to build within them both again. Rodney's hands cupped the curve of his buttocks, fingers brushing lightly along the cleft, not quite touching his entrance. Carson drew a shuddering breath, his senses momentarily overwhelming him. Rodney was pushing down Carson's pants now, his own cock hard and brushing against Carson as he worked free the clothing. Pulling off Carson's footwear, he pushed Carson back a step as he stood up, eyes drinking in Carson's form in a hungry way, almost like a ghost-touch against Carson's skin.

"God, you're gorgeous," Rodney said. He looked from Carson's eyes, down his torso to linger on his cock, straining upwards, recovery due in part to the fires. They'd pay a price afterwards, Carson knew, but feeling the lust and quick mind of his mate made it all worth it. A crooked smile lit his mate's face. "If it had to be an arranged marria-uh, mating bond, at least I got the good end of the deal." Carson smiled and moved to kneel in front of Rodney, working his clothing free, and began his own appraisal.

"I'd say we both did," he said. Standing and leaning in, he nuzzled Rodney's neck. "Bed, or bathing chamber?" he asked, voice low and rumbling against Rodney's neck.

"Oh, God," was all Rodney said, hips thrusting forward, and Carson gasped himself at the feel of Rodney's skin, hot against his cock. He shifted, rocking his own hips, making his cock rest beside Rodney's, and suddenly they both were fully drawn into the fires again, stumbling sideways as they pushed and thrust against each other. Carson bumped hard against the desk and braced himself against it, driving himself against Rodney, hands clutching and pulling him closer. They kissed, hot and wet and messy and gasping, and all the while they rocked against each other, cocks dragging along skin and Carson's world became the fire building, the tightening in his balls and the explosion of pleasure that spurted and splashed warm against the both of them, the feel of Rodney's release making him roar.

"Or," Rodney said, panting. "We could – right here. God. This is going to kill me."

Carson willed his heart to calm, kissing Rodney again, calmer and gentler, with more of himself and less of his lust in it. Rodney made an abortive noise and cupped his hands on either side of Carson's neck, eyes fluttering closed, and Carson bit back a groan as he got more of a sense of who his mate was, behind the bluster and the inquisitiveness. Rodney didn't seem to put on many faces, instead forcing the world to deal with him on his own terms, but Carson sensed that the tactic itself was defense, driving people away from what lurked within.

He broke the kiss and smiled. "Plenty of time to cleanse ourselves now, and more reason to," he said, earning a laugh from his mate.

"This is – I've never – it's like falling down the rabbit hole," Rodney said as he stepped back, hand sliding down Carson's arm to twine their fingers. The need to clean himself off was enough to keep the fires at bay for Carson, but the strange comment from his mate made him look up quizzically. "Oh," Rodney said, reading his confusion. Carson started towards the bathing chamber, pulling Rodney with him. "It's from a piece of Earth literature, by a not half bad mathematician, actually, though his fascination with little girls was unfortunate. The story is actually written for or about one of the little girls, I forget which. She falls down a rabbit hole and enters a new world."

Carson extended a touch of magic and started the shower, adjusting the temperature with a thought. Rodney stopped short, blinking. "Something wrong?" Carson asked him, feeling his mate's unease.

Rodney gave him a dark look. "Automatic sensors?"

Carson shook his head. "No, I did it," he said, puzzled.


"With my magic. It's a simple enough spell to learn." Carson frowned, not understanding his mate's growing antagonism.

"See, that's not going to work for me," Rodney said. "Magic is a fairy tale for weak minds. It's not real."

Carson stared, confused. "I assure you, it's real. Do you mean to tell me there's no magic on your world?" He tried to wrap his mind around the concept of a world without magic, but it had been a part of him for so long, he wasn't sure he could.

"No, there's no magic! There's science, with laws and proofs and..." Rodney's voice trailed off as Carson made a small gesture, light catching the black diamonds as the magic focused and flowed from him. Rodney made a gasping noise as he began to rise off the ground.

"I assure you, magic is real," Carson said again, a little bit more forcefully. He couldn't help but feel a brief stab of surprise and something akin to disappointment that his mate was stubbornly deciding to argue with him against something as undeniable as magic. Then again, he reflected, he'd seen enough arguments between Lady Warlock Emmagan and his sire, who had come late to the mating bond. And their devotion to one another could not be denied. She still wore his mating bracelet above her own, and Carson had seen the unbroken bond extended still into the psychic plane.

And he couldn't deny he was enjoying the challenge.

He made certain the touch of magic on Rodney's body was a gentle caress, and took the step to bring himself beside his mate as he lowered him once again to the ground. "As for laws and proofs, that was not the focus of my studies. Healing was. When our bond is complete," he said, running a hand down Rodney's arm to join their hands once more, "and we return to Atlantis, you can ask the Lady of Death for the explanations."

Rodney blinked, his hand tightening briefly against Carson's. "Indistinguishable," he murmured, eyes bright. Carson could almost feel the thoughts whirling behind those eyes, sharp and quick. He shivered, imagining what the future was going to be like with Rodney by his side.

It wasn't going to be dull, that was certain.

"Come, love," he said, pulling him into the shower. "We've only a temporary reprieve from the fires."

In fact, he could feel them stirring again, had felt it when he took Rodney's hand again. Rodney glared, lifting his chin defiantly, but allowed Carson to pull him into the shower. "I'm going to want to mrph-"

Carson silenced him with a kiss that was returned eagerly enough.


Carson moaned as Rodney teased his entrance, slick fingers ghosting over the skin. Rodney placed a kiss against the small of his back and murmured, "Please." He could feel the fires burning them both, marking them as it worked to free their souls for joining. He could also feel Rodney's fear radiating off him in waves as his entire being became more disjointed. He knew Rodney was asking to end this, to join their souls, but Carson could feel that the bond could be stronger.

Sending a pulse through both the fledgling mating bond and through the psychic plane, he said, "Not yet, Rodney. Not yet." He felt the shudder that ran through Rodney's soul mirrored in his body and he twisted and shifted until they faced each other, side by side on the bed. "I know you have it within you," he said, kissing Rodney hard. "I know we can be more." He had a leg hooked over Rodney's and was pressing against him, the feel of Rodney's skin sliding past him already familiar. Rodney gasped, warm air hitting Carson's neck, and he leaned in for a kiss. "So much I want to do to you," he said, feeling Rodney's shiver down the length of their entwined bodies. "Make you feel the way you make me feel." Rodney groaned and kissed him hard, teeth grabbing hold of his lower lip and nipping. Rodney's fingers were sliding down his back, cupping his buttocks, sliding between and Rodney was kissing his way down Carson's chest, teeth claiming spots here and there in no particular pattern. He arched against Rodney as his mate bit his nipple, softer first and then harder as a finger slid inside him. The fires within them both burned higher, craving completion. Rodney had worked a second finger in, twisting and moving and Carson moved against him, too, wanting him deeper. Rodney's fingers shifted, sending waves of pleasure coursing through him and he gasped, arching hard, hearing Rodney gasp as well, knowing he was feeling it through their bond.

Trying to keep himself focused enough to manage it, Carson reached for the psychic plane, drew Rodney in too. For a moment on the physical plane, Rodney froze. *This is what we will have,* Carson sent, layering the message with as much of the physical pleasure that he could. *We will share all we feel, all we do.* Rodney's eyes were closed on the physical plane, but locked on his own in the psychic. Carson moved, causing Rodney’s fingers to shift inside him. His moan was echoed by Rodney’s. Reaching down, he circled both their erections and stroked. Rodney cried out, unable to hold still, both his hands and his hips moving. Every time he shifted his fingers within Carson, they both reacted, groaning and rocking and creating a feedback loop that threatened to shatter Carson’s control.

To his surprise, it was Rodney who steadied them, Rodney who refused to yield to the combination of mating fire and shared pleasure resonating between them on the psychic plane. Carson wasn’t used to being so consumed by his experiences on the psychic plane; when he was healing or fighting, it required more of the mental than that of the spiritual and emotional. He drew a shuddering breath, feeling the edge of an abyss that seemed very real, and the warm solidity of Rodney around and within him. He shuddered and felt Rodney echo it, felt them both start to move in a rhythm that built far too quickly, and then he was coming, feeling Rodney’s own release magnify and sharpen his own.

He released them both from the psychic plane, drawing in great ragged gulps of air.

"That...that’s what it could be like, huh," Rodney said, hmming softly. He gave Carson a crooked smile and a soft kiss. "I think I can work towards that."

Carson kissed him back, then rested his head against Rodney's chest, feeling the pull of sleep. He drifted off, lulled by Rodney's heartbeat and his fingers stroking lightly against his back.


"Oh, God, Carson," Rodney moaned, stilling. "" Carson gave a moan of his own, and Rodney began to move again, in answer to Carson's wordless plea. He pressed in deeper, with agonizing slowness, and they both shuddered. Carson felt the strands of his soul, more frayed than he would have dreamed possible, working loose as Rodney's hands stroked up his sides, reaching around to tease his nipples. Carson arched into the touch as Rodney's lips mouthed the back of his neck and one hand ran lightly over Carson's stomach to his hard cock. Rodney stroked, not nearly fast enough to suit Carson.

"You'll be the death of me, love," Carson gasped as he moved forward into Rodney's hand, then back to impale himself on his mate. The sensations built within him, blending with those coming from his mate and resonating back between them.

"Yes, but," Rodney panted, thrusting again, "what a way to go." He moaned again, moving faster, whimpering as their awarenesses blended and drifted apart again. Carson could sense how conflicted Rodney was, how his need to complete the act, forge the mating bond between them warred with his desire to stay right here, in the moment.

Carson understood the feeling all too well. He groaned as Rodney stroked, twisting his hand around Carson's cock, the drag of his skin against Carson's almost too much to bear. Rodney pulled back and paused, his other hand holding Carson's hip in a firm grip, and kissed Carson's neck. Carson turned his head, conveying his need wordlessly, and Rodney met him in a kiss. As Carson's soul fragmented and worked its way free, the moment cut into him. His awareness shattered along with his soul, and he felt everything, in flashes almost too fast to follow. He felt the kiss from both his side and Rodney's; felt Rodney's hand as it tightened at the base of his cock, keeping him from his release. He felt Rodney's cock and Rodney's desire to drive forward, burying it deep inside Carson. The fragments of their awarenesses tumbled and blended until time started up again. Rodney made an involuntary noise at the back of his throat, and Carson closed his eyes, flooded with the sensations and shaking.

*Rodney,* Carson sent, feeling his mate's response. Rodney took in a great shuddering breath, and began to move, his thrusts and the slide of his hand over Carson's cock overwhelming Carson. He cried out as his release tore the last of his soul free, his own pleasure magnified by his mate's, resonating between them.

They collapsed against the bed, panting. Rodney tried to speak several times. Carson listened, but he could only catch portions of meaning through their bond. He rolled on top of Rodney, settling between his mate's legs. It was a fit that felt so right, and Carson wondered if he'd ever get used to that. Cupping Rodney's face, he closed his eyes and kissed him, soft needy kisses that slowly began building the mating fire between them for the final time. "Carson," Rodney managed, and Carson moaned, clenching Rodney's shoulder hard. He felt their souls, struggling to merge, but held the fragments firmly as he found the dish of oil, coating his fingers liberally.

"Love you," Carson said, kissing Rodney again. He didn't think he would ever tire of his mate's least not like this. Rodney kissed him back and Carson lost himself to the fire once more, rocking against Rodney as his fingers found their way to his entrance. He stroked, teasing his mate, feeling Rodney shudder and whimper against him. He took as long as he dared in preparing Rodney, losing himself in the sensations as they built between them, feeling their souls strain towards each other.

"God, Carson!" Rodney said. "Please..." Carson paused to kiss him once more, knowing that in a moment, his life would change completely. Rodney's eager mouth met his, and it was Carson's turn to whimper as the kiss grew and fed the fires higher. He broke the kiss as he entered Rodney, both of them left gasping as their bodies and souls began to merge. Carson moaned as he pushed in further, feeling it when pleasure spiked through Rodney, feeling the fire start to consume them as it forged their souls together. He felt their souls merging as his pace increased, one part of him fully immersed in the pleasures of Rodney and their lovemaking, the other being deconstructed and remade. They were breathing and moving as one now, two throats giving voice to the same cry. Rodney's hand captured his own and squeezed, and Carson opened eyes he didn't remember closing to lock his gaze with his mate. The look, so intense and open, was the thing that undid and remade him, and he felt Rodney's release as it synched perfectly with his own. The mating fire seared the final pieces of their souls into one. Panting and exhausted, but happier than he could ever remember being in his life, Carson kissed his mate's forehead as his cock throbbed and subsided within Rodney.

"I love you," Rodney whispered, and Carson felt the awe and wonder as the truth of that statement hit his mate.

Kissing Rodney one more time as the last of the fires marked them both, he slid free and gathered his mate in his arms. "I know," he said as he settled in beside Rodney. "I love you, too." He could feel the exhaustion of the past few days seeping in, no longer held at bay by the mating fires. As he began to follow its push into sleep, he realized he hadn't spared much of a thought for his s'gan and his new mate over the past few days. He struggled against the lure of sleep, wondering if John was waiting for them or if they would be waiting for John.

Rodney nudged him, nestling deeper into the bed. "Sleep. They'll take care of themselves." His voice was blurred with exhaustion. "You think too much, anyway."

Carson smiled, relaxing against Rodney. "If that's not the Warlock..." he began, but before he could finish, Rodney gave him a sleepy kiss, and fatigue wrapped around them both and claimed them.
Tags: au, beckett/mckay, collaboration, fic, kyrdwyn, sga, warlock series

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  • fic! Leverage snippet

    Title: Heart to Heart Author: Rose Wilde-Irish Fandom: Leverage Pairing/Characters: Hardison/Parker, about how you see them on the series, Nate Ford…

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