Rose Wilde-Irish (rosewildeirish) wrote,
Rose Wilde-Irish

fic! Long Odds (for kyrdwyn and dark_cygnet)

Title: Long Odds
Author: Rose Wilde-Irish
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing: Sheppard/Zelenka(McKay)
Rating: Adult
Summary: When he'd opened his mouth to say, "I'll bet you a blowjob the USA beats the Czechs," no one had been more surprised than him.
Notes: For dark_cygnet's World Cup porn challenge, and belatedly for kyrdwyn's birthday. Mucho thanks to thekynicist for beta on the fly.

John sucked harder, making a soft slurping noise, and looked up as he heard a groan in stereo. Radek's eyes were closed, head thrown back as he panted and tried not to writhe. John glanced to the side, sliding up Radek's shaft and wrapping his hand around his cock.

Rodney was watching, eyes wide with his attention. John closed his eyes and shivered. He inhaled deeply and brought his focus back to Radek, who had his hand fisted in John's hair now, grasping tightly but not enough to hurt. John bit back a groan of his own, taking in more of Radek, surrendering to the unreality of the moment.

He couldn't have predicted that he'd follow through on his boasts. He wasn't quite sure how it started, but a few weeks ago when drinking in Rodney's quarters while watching the first games of the World Cup, he'd gotten into a 'discussion' with Radek.

Both men had claimed their team was superior. And while from Radek's passion alone, John had figured the man knew something about 'football', John had mostly been teasing.

Which meant that when he'd opened his mouth to say, "I'll bet you a blowjob the USA beats the Czechs," no one had been more surprised than him.

Okay, possibly Rodney had. It had certainly silenced him, both then and now.

The Daedalus had arrived yesterday, filled with news and entertainment and resupplies, including the rest of the World Cup matches. Being military commander had some perks. John had requisitioned a copy of the most recent matches, and they'd just finished up watching the US/Czech game in Radek's quarters. Alcohol was as much a part of the evening now as previously, and the boisterous yelling and comments had slowly silenced as the game played out, and the outcome – at least in terms of who won the game – became clearer.

John knew he could get out of it. There was no way Radek would hold him to his rash comments. But as the game played on, stray images of himself on his knees in front of Radek would flash through John's mind, and he found himself shifting, adjusting his rapidly hardening cock.

By the time the game ended, he knew he didn't want to weasel out of it.

He'd only hoped Rodney would forgive him, that he'd meant his snorted comment of "Sure, as long as I get to watch."

From the sounds of Rodney's groan as John worked Radek with mouth and hand, he already had.

John kept his eyes closed and concentrated on the feel of Radek's cock, smooth hard flesh as it filled his mouth, the slightly bitter-salty taste of him, his musk invading with every inhalation. He groaned and released Radek, working to take him deeper, relaxing his throat. He wasn't very experienced at deepthroating, but from the way Radek shuddered and grabbed harder at hair and shoulders, he figured he wasn't doing all that badly.

Particularly when Rodney's "Oh, God," had that...breathy quality to it.

John knew he couldn't smirk around Radek's cock, but he wanted to. He pulled back, not wanting to choke, and again wrapped his hand around the base of Radek's cock and stroked. He couldn't resist peeking through lashes up at Radek's blissful expression. He moaned, reaching for his own cock as the image burned into him, heating his blood further. He sucked, fumbling his zipper open and freeing his cock, stroking in tandem with his actions. Rodney's guttural noises drew him, and he almost released Radek at the naked lust on Rodney's face, his hands in a deathgrip on his thighs. Glancing back at Radek, John saw that his eyes were also on Rodney's face. Radek's hand stroked John's skin, carded gently through his hair, and Radek's hips began an abortive movement forward. John groaned again, his fingers on Radek's hips tightening and moving with him. "Bože!" Radek grit out, the passion in his voice surprising John. He pulled back and concentrated on Radek's head with lips and tongue, blocking everything else out, even the pounding of his own blood. Radek cried out, stiffening, and John swallowed, swallowed, stroking himself harder, groaning as everything combined to push him closer, closer –

Rodney whimpered openly and John came, pleasure pulsing through him. He released Radek and moaned himself, sagging weakly against the bed.

For a long moment the three of them were silent except for the rasping of their breath, Radek's hand still carded in John's hair and stroking lightly through the sweat-dampened spikes. John calmed first, raising his head and meeting Radek's eyes with a defiant gleam.

"Double or nothing for the finals?"

"God," Rodney moaned. "You're trying to kill me, aren't you?"

Radek only grinned, matching John's own. He glanced at John, meeting his eyes, and John had an odd moment of déjà vu as he knew exactly what Radek was thinking, knowing he probably looked exactly like Rodney did when the two of them pulled their psychic act in the lab.

Rising, they both walked the short distance to Rodney. John noted how his adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed, eyes flickering from John to Radek and back again. John grinned, cupping Rodney's neck and leaning in as Radek sank to his knees and freed Rodney's cock. He'd barely begun nipping and licking at Rodney's neck, and knew Radek hadn't been able to do more than wrap his lips around Rodney's cock, when Rodney stiffened and cried out, one hand clutching John, the other Radek as his orgasm raced through him.

Pulling back, John gave Rodney his best smirk. "And just what did you think I meant by 'double'?" he asked, Radek's laughter mixing with his own.

Rodney only flipped them both off, then raised his head to meet Sheppard's gaze. "You're on," he said, and flopped back, grinning crookedly.


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