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Body Parts Challenge fic

Title: Off His Chest
Author: Rose Wilde-Irish
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing: McKay/Zelenka
Rating: Adult
Summary: Solid, with a good underlying musculature and Radek was doing all he could to avoid thinking about Rodney McKay's nipples, drawn into tight nubs and clearly visible through his shirt.
Notes: For shusu's body parts challenge; I drew McKay's nipples. Beta thanks to pierson, kyrdwyn, pega, qwirky, thekynicist, and lapislaz. This fic is much improved by their input; any faults or problems remain the author's.

"...what do you think, Major?" Radek turned to look at the newly-crowned military head of the Atlantis expedition. He waited, but the Major didn't answer, only sprawled in his chair and stared straight at, he stared straight at Rodney's chest.

Curious, Radek thought, following the Major's gaze. Rodney's chest was...actually nicely defined, for someone whose focus was the strength of mind. Solid, with a good underlying musculature and Radek was doing all he could to avoid thinking about Rodney McKay's nipples, drawn into tight nubs and clearly visible through his shirt.

Radek stifled the spark of desire that raced through him. Rodney McKay was a colleague and his supervisor, someone he'd be working with closely in what amounted to a very small community. It would do no good to think of Rodney – McKay, he reminded himself – in anything less than professional terms.

Wrenching his eyes away from the taut nubs, Radek turned back to the Major. "Major Sheppard?" he prompted.


Radek pushed his glasses up his nose and leaned in closer to the computer screen. He wasn't, he was not going to turn and watch Rodney as he stretched. Radek closed his eyes tight at the sound of Rodney's voice, ever so slightly strained as he kept talking while muscles tensed.

It didn't help. Long nights working beside Rodney meant that Radek could still picture Rodney, back arched and shirt stretched tightly across his chest, every dip and curve of his physique defined. Familiarity had etched the details of Rodney's physique into Radek's mind, the lines slowly honed by the hours spent offworld. Now, even without the stimulus of Rodney stretching, Radek found his eye drawn to Rodney's chest, shirt clinging to show every detail.

Including Rodney's usually tight, hard nipples. They drew Radek's eye far more often than he cared to admit, and each time he found himself mesmerized by the small nubs, staring until it occurred to him that he was staring.

So far, he believed his attention had gone unnoticed. Rodney was not the type of person to keep such observations internal; all his discretion tended to go towards keeping classified information classified. Radek risked a glance at Rodney, who was still discussing the possibilities for alternative power sources, and mentally cursed.

Rodney was still stretched out, staring at nothing, one hand absently circling the skin at the top of his nipple. Radek bit back a response as the deft movement of Rodney's fingers sent a heated jolt of want through him, resonating in his cock. He fought the rising pressure in his groin, knowing he set himself up to ultimately fail, and calculated how long until he could legitimately excuse himself to go back to his quarters.

He failed in his ability to lie to himself about what would happen once he was safely ensconced there. Masturbating to thoughts of Rodney McKay's nipples wasn't exactly something that filled him with pride, but it was something that had become a routine.

Radek blamed the stress of living and working in Atlantis. Surely such an odd obsession would never have come from continuing to work at the Antarctic base.

Rodney's fingers stroked across the tight nipple and Radek allowed himself a sigh. The heaviness in his groin decided him. Pushing up, he made his excuses, ignored Rodney's insults, and headed the short distance to his quarters.

Once there, he slid the door closed and fell against it, breathing hard. He knew Rodney well enough to know that if McKay wanted to drive Radek crazy, he'd have done something more overt, like insulting Radek's work. Rodney simply wasn't the type to indulge in subversive, twisted games.

Which made the erection Radek sported twice as troubling. Shifting, Radek reached down and freed his cock, giving it a light stroke and biting back a moan. He frowned and leaned his head back, banging it softly against the door.

He was so doomed. He couldn't even manage to distance himself from his strange obsession with Rodney's nipples. He managed to keep silent as his hand glided over the smooth skin of his cock, and he pictured pulling Rodney's shirt off, exposing the tight little nubs. What kind of touch would Rodney like, Radek wondered: light stroking, similar to what he'd done unconsciously in the lab? His hand worked faster, teasing himself as he pictured it, Rodney moaning and arching under a too-light touch. There would be only so much of that Radek could stand before he'd be moved to do more. Closing his eyes, he could see it, leaning down, teasing with tongue and teeth, making Rodney beg beneath hand and mouth, making him break. He wasn't sure if Rodney would like a firmer touch, pinching or twisting, but the idea of it went straight to Radek's groin, making him tighten his grip on his cock and give a hard stroke, pushing into his hand as well when the vision of Rodney writhing and moaning and breaking sent him over the edge, hot pulsing of his orgasm spreading through him as Radek himself broke, yielding to the pleasure.

He sank down to the floor, panting as his orgasm subsided. Glancing down, he made a disappointed noise at the wreck of his uniform.

Doomed. He was so doomed.


"Once you have finished removing your clothes, move to the showers and rinse your head and eyes thoroughly." The soft burr of Carson's voice, calm amidst the strange resonance of the Ancient alarm system, soothed a touch of Radek's abject panic. He knew what the chemicals in the coolant could do if left untreated; even a dime-sized area could result in contamination and death.

Rodney's eyes were large and frightened, but his voice remained calm. "Do as he says, and we'll be all right," he assured the group, and in an oddly synchronized movement, he and Radek stepped up to the showers.

The water seemed harsh and stinging, but Radek knew a portion was due to his fear. He rinsed, resisting the urge to scrub; if his hands were affected, he'd only be spreading the contaminant. He suppressed a shiver and moved to make certain he rinsed his entire head again.

"Use the decontaminant agent and blot the skin on the rest of your body. Don't swab and don't wipe. Blot. You've got five minutes." Carson's accent strengthened on the last, making Radek suppress a shiver at what he interpreted as a sign of the depth of Carson's worry.

He started blotting, blinking back droplets of water and ignoring the way his skin began to tingle. Inhaling deeply, he glanced to the side, at Rodney. Without his glasses the man looked slightly fuzzy, but Radek could still make out the details.

Including Rodney's tightly crinkled nipples, smaller and pinker than Radek had expected. He paused, blinking, then continued with the decontamination process, suppressing a sigh.

So much for his fixation with Rodney's nipples. He felt fairly certain there would be nothing erotic about the sight for some time.

Radek stifled the stab of disappointment and finished up, ready to get the hell out of the decontamination shower.


Working, working, every movement and measurement had to be precise and correct lest the nuclear bombs he and Rodney were building would not function when needed. Radek had lost track of how many hours they'd been awake and at work, but it was longer than he'd managed in years, possibly since pursuing his first doctorate. He worked, occasionally glancing over at Rodney to gauge his speed, and was pleased to see that he was mostly keeping pace. Rodney still finished before him and sank to the ground, head bowed and body bent. His shirt lay flat and smooth across his chest, and for the first time in a long while, Radek felt a pang of disappointment that Rodney's nipples were not making their presence known.

Radek turned his attention back to the last segment of the bomb. When he thought on this later, as he knew he would, he'd blame his disappointment on the many drugs they'd managed to cajole out of Carson, in pursuit of the greater good.

If it wasn't the case, and his earlier infatuation was returning...Radek didn't know if he was glad or upset.


It was lucky, Radek decided, that Rodney McKay was known for his strident personality. If not, someone might think it odd that he and McKay could barely go more than a few days without arguing, generally nose-to-nose and at the top of their lungs.

He'd tried to stop baiting McKay, he honestly had. But from the moment he'd noticed how Rodney's nipples reacted when the man was angry, he'd been doomed.

Many days he didn't have to try. Rodney being Rodney, there was always someone under his supervision who supplied Rodney with a reason for yelling or a really intriguing breakthrough, which also...peaked Rodney's interest.

On days that were too quiet, however, Radek found himself preoccupied with thoughts of a decidedly less than noble nature, looking for ways to goad Rodney into liveliness.

And afterwards, if he breathed a touch harder or the blood pounded in his veins, no one stopped to question the reason why.

Late nights were Radek's downfall. Both he and Rodney were prone to staying late, convinced that just a few more minutes would bring the breakthroughs they needed. He was careful; if Rodney noticed that they seemed to get along better when they worked - frequently alone - late into the night, he never said anything. Radek doubted that the man who didn't understand why he'd nearly come to blows with half the Antarctic staff would notice a little goading.

Still, there were far too many nights when he miscalculated: pushed too hard, stayed a fraction too long in the moment. Then he had to stalk out, hoping his rapid (and stiff legged) departure would hide the erection he had.

He was fast approaching that state tonight, arguing partially in words, partially with formulae and pointing and sharp, rapid movements of hands and arms. Rodney was in full cry, chest puffed out and nipples tight and hard against the fabric of his shirt.

Radek couldn't help it. The glance he'd meant to take stretched out, as his breath first caught, then quickened. Realizing a beat too late that Rodney had just stopped mid-argument, he raised his eyes to Rodney's.

Rodney stared at Radek, a knowing look in his eyes. Radek gulped, seeing the bright spark of their combat still present, not yet faded, and felt his cock twitch.

So many things he could say – so many things Rodney could say, but instead, for three whole heartbeats, they gazed at each other.

Finally, unable to withstand it any longer, Radek's gaze flickered down. Rodney's nipples were just as erect and hard as they had been a moment ago, if not more so. Before he could glance up again, Rodney moved, closing the distance between them. He readied himself, trying not to flinch, and raised his head in time to meet Rodney's mouth partway.

The shock of it caused him to yield easily to Rodney's invading tongue, and then Rodney's solid, warm body pressed against his. Radek couldn't stop the needy noises from spilling out, making Rodney press against him harder, and Radek stumbled back until he bumped hard into the counter behind him, the violent movement traveling up and causing their teeth to knock against each other. They separated, Rodney smiling ruefully, and Radek couldn't help it as his gaze dragged lower. He reached for Rodney's shirt and rucked it up, impatient, fingertips grazing skin as he went.

Rodney inhaled sharply when he reached his nipples. Radek paused, glancing up; Rodney's eyes were half-lidded in response. Grinning, Radek stripped the shirt off and spun them until it was Rodney who backed against the table, his expression now startled. Radek leaned in, giving Rodney a hard kiss, hands sliding down Rodney's arms and back up his sides. Rodney didn't have a lot of chest hair and most of it was concentrated in the center of his chest, his nipples practically bare. They were as round and pink as Radek remembered from the hurried, blurry glances during the decontamination shower, crinkled tight with slight indentations. Radek leaned in, taking a closer look, and sucked in a breath as it flashed through him what he saw.

Scars. At some point in time, Rodney's nipples had been pierced. Far enough in the past that the piercings were long healed, but the image of it grabbed him and held: Rodney - Rodney, all fierce bluster and a certain level of primness Rodney – had at one time worn nipple rings.

It brought Radek's brain to a stuttering halt, picturing it, trying to wrap his mind around the concept. No wonder Rodney had such responsive nipples. Radek remembered stories of increased sensitivity, even lasting past removal and healing. A split second later, he leaned in, tongue reaching out to flick against the tight surface of Rodney's right nipple as his fingers did the same against the left.

Rodney's reaction was immediate. He groaned, arching into Radek's touch, encouraging Radek to do more. Radek hid a grin and closed his lips over Rodney's nipple, sucking and enjoying the reaction. He kept up the suction as his tongue circled and flicked, his fingers rolling and teasing the opposite nipple. Rodney writhed against him, panting, words half-formed through the groans as Radek's onslaught continued. He put months of fantasizing to work: teasing, twisting and biting to hear Rodney deconstruct under his hand and mouth. Rodney arched against him, moaning, and Radek shuddered as he felt the slide of Rodney's still-clothed hips against his own. He started as he felt Rodney's hands cup his face and urge him upward. He left Rodney's nipple with a somewhat lewd popping sound, schooling his features into an innocent look he knew Rodney would never buy.

Rodney wore an overwhelmed expression, his bright eyes shocked and blissed out. And now Radek noticed the faint indentations in Rodney's left ear, quickly checked his unblemished right before closing his eyes in self-disgust. How much time had he wasted, he wondered, without adding in that information into the equation?

Hands on his hips and a nip at his lower lip brought his attention back to the here-and-now, and Radek brought his other hand up to the damp skin of Rodney's chest, tugging and teasing and making Rodney groan into his mouth as they kissed, hot and lewd. Rodney's hips ground insistently against Radek's, the hardness of his erection sliding alongside Radek's own. And now it was Radek's turn to vocalize, desperate and breathy as they arched and thrust against each other, Rodney's hands on his ass and Rodney's oh-so-talented mouth busy tracing his jaw, mouthing his ear, nipping at his neck. He tweaked first one nipple and then the other, hard, and Rodney gave a shout as he leaned back, hips pressed forward and hands clutching Radek to him as he came. Radek stared, caught between a grin and a groan as Rodney panted, never loosening his hold. He released Rodney's nipples, stroking down Rodney's chest as he leaned in to nuzzle and mouth Rodney's neck, still rocking against him. Rodney's hands mapped the curve of Radek's ass, and in the middle of Radek's thrust Rodney moved, flipping them once again so Radek leaned against the table. One of Rodney's hands rested on Radek's hip, and the other one unzipped his pants.

Radek's breath was ragged and the noises he made would've embarrassed him if he wasn't caught in the heat of it all, the feel of Rodney still pressed along his side and the grip of his hand as he closed around Radek's erection, working him roughly. It had been long enough that Radek knew he wouldn't last, not after the display of Rodney's own need and release, not when Rodney made that move with the slight twist and the pressure just so along the underside of his head. Radek's world narrowed down to the slide of Rodney's hand against his hard cock, the pounding of his blood and the coiling of his release as it grew and grew until Radek couldn't contain it any longer, had to let go and thrust hard into Rodney's hand as he came, crying out with his eyes clenched shut.

One of the hardest things he'd ever had to do was opening his eyes again. As he expected, Rodney watched him intently, and Radek could almost feel the turning of Rodney's quick, quick mind. What he didn't expect was the small smile curving up one corner of Rodney's mouth, and the softness around Rodney's eyes.

"Idiot," Rodney said.

"Remind me to get revenge for that insult later," Radek said, mildly surprised he could find his voice amid the panting.

Rodney's grin was full-fledged now. "I mean, all you had to do was say something-"

"Oh, and risk having my head bitten off by Chief Scientific Advisor-"

"Like you haven't noticed me watching you for months-"

"...not to mention – months?" Radek paused to gape at Rodney, stunned. Rodney's smile was softer, more vulnerable than Radek was used to seeing, even as he shook his head.

"Idiot. Of course months. Don't tell me you didn't notice me staring...of course, you were pretty preoccupied with my chest..."

"Ah, yes, a question about that – "

Rodney flushed. "Youthful indiscretion and rebellion. That's all you're going to get out of me."

Radek grinned. "It's all right. Someone, somewhere, must have pictures."

Rodney's expression of shock, faintly tinged with fear, made Radek's grin wider. Before he could stop himself, he leaned in to kiss Rodney.

He was willing to bet there were pictures, and that they were spectacular.

Finding them could be his next project.


Author's notes: The idea that Rodney had a more reckless and experimental youth that potentially included nipple piercing was inspired by this pic.
Tags: body parts challenge, fic, m/z, r/r, sga, snappy

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  • fic! Leverage snippet

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