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Paid account? Read this.

Courtesy of scrollgirl - thanks!

Someone I have friended (ETA: [personal profile] sid) just posted that LiveJournal has turned on automatic payments on her account (for the LJ itself and for icons) and that she's never had automatic payments, so it's not like she accidentally did it herself and forgot.

So for all of you on LJ who have Free or Paid Accounts (ETA: Permanent accounts are fine, and Free accounts should be okay if you've never given your credit card info) and/or if you have ever given LiveJournal your credit card info, PLEASE make sure that automatic payments have not been turned on.

Maybe this is nothing. Maybe it's a glitch that only affected this one person. But check your Account Status, okay? Better safe than sorry.


1) Check your Account Status.
2) Check whether LiveJournal has your credit card information.

Original thread:
More here:
And here:

I'm gonna check all my fic journals now...

ETA2: Here's the FAQ for turning on (and off) Automatic Payments.

I checked - I recently renewed my account and it tried to default me to automatic payments. I had to search a bit for the manual payments, but I found it. My stealth_rose journal, basically unused now, is currently an unpaid plus account, so I think I'm safe. I can't say if it's intentional malice or a massive clusterfuck of something pushed through too quickly (never attribute to malice what can be explained by gross negligence and/or stupidity), but there are reports from quarters that claim not to have ever set up automatic payments (I haven't, but I've also not had an issue with it), and even one or two who are claiming never to have given LJ that credit information (which for me is a bit harder to understand how it magically jumped here, but that's another situation).

In any case, please, if you've paid for your account and are not either an unpaid account, or a permanent user, you may want to check your settings just to be on the safe side.
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