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20 in 28

So I've been bad about reporting this week on the 20 in 28. Monday was a rough day; I had insomnia and only got 4 hours of sleep. So Monday was my first skip day. Tuesday I ended up walking at lunch - technically I'm ~.5 of a mile short of the 5k, but I did over 13,000 steps which is something like 6 miles for the day. So I'm claiming success on Tuesday. Yesterday I lapped campus 3x, which is roughly a mile and a bit each circuit, so success. That brings the tally up to 4 down, 16 to go.

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Hi, all! I've been away quite a bit, in part because I've had the on-the-edge-of-sickness, feeling-like-crap feeling for...oh, all of January and a good chunk of December. :-/ Not sure what that's all about. Hope something will come of it in March when I have my check up.

And said check up is why I'm instituting "20 in 28"! It's where I try to walk a 5k (3.2 mi.), independent of anything else I'm doing, for 20 of February's 28 days. That means I don't count the steps I take when I'm running across the street to talk to my boss or someone. It means I only count the steps that are being taken for exercise's sake alone.

One down, 19 to go...

I'm also tempted to ask for prompts for small things. Uh...for fandoms? SGA, of course. Sherlock, I'd try. Marvel Cinematic Universe (Avengers et all). Agents of SHIELD. Castle. Grimm. Arrow. Community...probably more but those are some of the ones I know, and you can ask for others. I'll let you know if I don't feel I can write in that fandom. Prompt - give me a word, a scene, characters, some combination of those, etc.
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Birfdays! January edition

So I suck at the birthday notifications. One of my goals is to try to be better at them, and I figure I have a better shot at that if I try once a month, so...

Happy birthday to:

Jan. 04: sweet_crazyass/uberaeryn
Jan. 08: sweetsubbie
Jan. 09: miso_no_tsuki
Jan. 13: georgierae
Jan. 15: kerikeri
Jan. 23: wildcard_sej
Jan. 25: green_key, mah girl qwirky ♥ ♥ ♥ and roaringmice
Jan. 27: vianvamp and lilyayl
Jan. 28: tassie_gal
Jan. 29: faithchan
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Happy holidays!

And an early Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it. Just had the best Christmas present ever, when Ebony, who had crawled up on my lap, followed my finger with her gaze as it circled her head. I doubt she's seeing as she used to, but there is no question that she *IS* seeing. :)
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Ebony is tracking movement more and more. I don't think her eyesight will return 100%, but I don't think she'll be completely blind, either, so I'll take it.

Also, this: