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random musings

Participating in the in-person Nykl fantardary since 2011

Rose Wilde-Irish
17 March 1967
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Graphic by anony_fan, Valentine's 2007, 2008, & 2009

Adult in years if not mindset. I like to write, most recently about Stargate: Atlantis. Here is yet another attempt to get a journal started; it is, like most of those attempts, probably doomed to failure.

*is still awaiting DOOM, which is apparently running more-than-fashionably late* Most fic appears in my journal, though I generally spam links, oh, everywhere. Journal also has deep thoughts, random silliness, and (hopefully) everything in between.

Meta-type folks, please note: I don't consider myself a dabbler in meta. I don't claim to do the big thinky navel-gazing thing. Please to not be linking any of my rambling, ranting, etc. posts unless there's something indicating I don't mind such a thing (unlikely). Ranting isn't meta, it's running my mouth (or keyboard) when a wiser person wouldn't. Tencueberrymuch.

Note: I sometimes write adult-oriented stuff, including explicit het and slash. Knowing that this is potentially offensive to some, I try to label as such. Pairings will almost always be clearly labeled. Ratings of "Mature" or "Adult" should be treated as such. Please read responsibly. Also, I have a potty mouth use bad words and address adult themes from time to time in my journal. Fair warning.

Friending Policy: I don't mind being friended, and my fic generally shows up here first. Friending back will depend on whim and age - I am, because of some of my rantiness, topics and potty mouth, less likely to friend you back if you're under 18, however.

snagged verbage from thefannishwaldo: BTW... just in case anyone is unclear... I do not support any kind of illegal activity. If I have listed an interest that can be interpreted as 'illegal' please assume that it is because I am in opposition to it. Though...*looks over interests*...if any of those are illegal? I think the world's in a lot bigger trouble than I'd thought.

Link to Big Damned Fic Table (for fanfic100, Rodney/Radek Stargate: Atlantis)

Yes, I am that crazy. I'm also taking bets on when exactly I'll throw in the towel on this attempt.

My Valentinr - rosewildeirish

my wishlist

Note: I am here on LJ primarily. I did create a dreamwidth account, but it is rarely used. NO, I will NOT comment on dreamwidth if you're crossposting it here on LJ. No, I don't need an invite code; see above about having an account. If my dislike of the constant pushing of a different platform on LJ bothers you, feel free to defriend.